Are you planning to switch to some suitable option for smoking to cut down your tobacco intake? Electronic cigarettes are exactly meant for people like you who are looking for a suitable alternative. But for a person like you, finding the best electronic cigarette would be quite a time consuming task. Here are some varieties which you can try out to switch to a healthier lifestyle:-

Disposable E-cigarettes

These cigarettes are ideally meant for people who tend to be medium or light smokers. They come with nicotine cartridges which can be replaced and reusable batteries. Apart from saving your money, you will get a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from. They don’t leave a heavy feeling in the chest and are best suited for people who have just started leading a tobacco free life.

Personal Vaporizer

You should ideally go for the personal vaporizer only if you are looking for a greater amount of vapour. Popularly known as lava tubes, these are biggest varieties of e-cigarettes which you will come across. But keep one thing in mind. They are meant for people who have handled e-cigarettes in the past.

They also require a good amount of maintenance. It is ideal for heavy smokers and people with a technical background due to their tight work schedules. There are four major types of personal vaporizers available in the market. They include advanced vaporizers, basic vaporizers, herbal vaporizers and rebuildables. The battery of this type of e-cigarettes last for the whole day. You can also change the output of the battery as per your requirement to get the best temperature for a particular flavour.


Once you get accustomed to e-cigarettes, you can try the e-juice for a change in taste. Most of the e-cigarettes which you will come across, can be easily refilled with a liquid of any flavour. There are a plethora of flavours and nicotine strengths for you to satisfy your tastes. They come with the option to minimise nicotine doses gradually. They are best suited for people who are looking for a cigarette which will help them lower their nicotine levels. The usual flavours tend to vary from sweet to tobacco and sugar.


If you are looking for a cigar with great taste without the typical smell that comes from an usual one, then this is the perfect foil for you. What makes them unique is the fact that they leave no smell behind. In case you have been a chain smoker for quite some time, then you will like the taste which you have been used to over a couple of years.

Most of them are disposable, and come with an LED tip which is partly hidden a screen to look like the ash of a normal cigar. They can last for months together and don’t produce a large amount of smoke as normal cigars do. So, if you want to enjoy a strong flavour sans smoke and smell, then these cigars are meant for you.

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