In the Marketing business community, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important marketing process that is important for any business to increase the visibility and traffic. Due to lack of complete information and awareness, there were a number of myths related to the use of SEO as an avenue to generate continuous online traffic for marketing products, services, and websites.

Some of these traditional myths that should be shaken off are:

  • The importance of Meta Description: One of the common myths related to SEO segment is that the Meta tags are crucial to SEO. They are, no doubt, important, but they are not the only focus point anymore. It is proven that the Meta descriptions have no bearings on internet search rankings. There is a definite advantage of having a Meta description in attracting traffic load and users, but they are not something SEO can’t do well without.
  • Too much is better: A common tradition belief that too many keywords lead to a better search is another myth attached to SEO technique. The focus should be on page optimization instead of excess keywords because as per the newest search technology commonly used keywords and phrases are usually combined while searching.
  • Secure connection: A general perception is that URLS which starts with standard ‘https’ are secured connections and can increase your search rankings. The truth is that it is content that is more important for increased traffic and visibility and not secure connection necessarily.
  • More pages better content: Owning to the common belief that creating more web pages will increase the user footprints and increased traffic often leads to irrelevant and poor quality content. It is important to focus more on content quality than a number of pages because the chances are that there will be no traffic on multiple pages due to poor content.
  • SEO is not for local businesses: Don’t discount SEO if you have a local business as there are more chances for your visibility by the people near you adding to sales and purchase. New technology by Google is known as Pigeon algorithm gives more coverage to local search engines as compared to the traditional ones.
  • Images are useless: Another myth of SEO is that image optimization is not that important. But the truth is that adding relevant images with little description increase the chances of organic traffic on your website and there will be a significant difference in cultivating your business.
  • User experience is useless: This need to be corrected immediately as user experience and website engagement are recent new metrics incorporated by search engines in their ranking algorithms. Aspects such are page loading time, bounce rate, time on the site, etc. are important factors that cannot be neglected anymore for better SEO results.

The Internet and the web is a great platform these days for better and bigger business opportunities. Do your research on what is best for you when it comes to search engine optimization and how that works.

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