Do you love Fantasy Sports? More importantly, do you love making money? Why not combine the two? Well with the new iPhone App, “Puntr,” that is exactly what you can do. The app is easily downloadable from the App store and the best part is it is completely free to download! Another great feature is the app is only 91.6 MB to download, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space.

So what is Puntr? Essentially Puntr takes the fun of fantasy sports and puts it fully on your mobile device. No more having to log into your computer, or keeping track of it yourself on a spreadsheet! Puntr makes it so much easier to keep track with your friends, while at the same time betting real money.

The first thing I noticed about Puntr was the clean layout and organization of the app. It is easy to use and navigate, and really simplifies things without being too complicated. You first can choose what league you want to play. European Leagues and American National Sports leagues are readily available to you and this is what makes the app great! It’s not just football fantasy, or just soccer fantasy; you can choose your favorite sport and only play that league or play multiple! Toggle between European Leagues and American Leagues. The options are endless. I chose to go with the NBA, as I haven’t seen Fantasy Basketball on a mobile device before.

So how do you actually play? It’s as simple as a swipe! You simply swipe and chose what team will win, or if it will be a draw, it’s so easy! And for people who love to bet there is money involved and you can win BIG! If you pick a league’s entire week prediction right, you win the pool of money attached to it! But to win even bigger you have to predict 2 leagues of the same week correctly. Every week there tens of thousands of dollars to be won! I only played for a few minutes and was instantly hooked, as I want to beat my friends but I also want to make money on the side.

The app looks great, is easy to use, very addictive, and you don’t HAVE to bet money and still play for fun! But if you do choose to bet, and have great picks, the app will also be a source of income. I highly recommend for any sports fan! Grab your friends and play on Puntr!