Having a computer in this modern day is important and a necessary needs especially if you work in the field of technology or work as an everyday employee in some big company. The needs of having a computer are widely spread this day because many works can be efficiently done with the computer. Additionally you do not have to carry your important documents every day in the form of paper because you can just save it in your computer Hard disk drive (HDD). However, even if it really helpful to have computer due to its features, sometimes we can lost our important data quite easily if we save it in computer due to various condition such as viruses and accident. Fortunately, in this article we will give you some tips and method to help you preserve your important data and files.

Tips in Preserving Important Data and Files

First of all if you want to preserve important data and files in your computer, it is necessary to provide a back-up by copy important data and files in other folder in your computer. Copying all of the important data and make it back-up copy will give you easier access if there is some condition when you are deleting the data by mistakes. This traditional option is considered to be the best and easiest method to preserve your data.

However, the first method can be a bit difficult if you do not have enough space in your HDD due to the large data capacity that you wish to copy. If this problem arise, you can always use external data save such as flash disk, DVD, or external Hard disk drive to back-up all of your important data. However, even if this method is pretty efficient you need to prepare additional money to purchase the media for the back-up which can be a bit expensive especially if you decide to purchase external HDD. Fortunately, flash disk, DVD and CD media can become an alternate option for you who decide to back-up the data in external media.

The third method to preserve your data is secure your data in a save folder and then lock it or protect it with security program. Sometimes, there are times when other person try to stole your data or even delete it. Therefore, by secure your data with security system and lock it into a folder that only you know can really improve the preservation of the data. additionally it can also make you more comfortable because you know that your data is save even if your laptop or notebook is being stolen due to the security measure you do to protect your data.

Finally, you can also use third party back-up software program to back-up your important data. There are many beneficial third party back-up software programs such as genie timeline. This back-up software program will allow you to recover and back-up all of the important files and data which means you do not have to worry if you accidentally delete or clean the data in your computer. In conclusion, always be ready and plan to back-up your data with various technique such as copy it to another folder, save it into another media and use third party program to ensure the preservation of your data.