The most important thing when it comes to the preparation of UPSC exam is your study material. It is extremely important that your study material is organized. This helps you to prepare with precision otherwise scattered study material will only add the already existing confusion in the minds of the candidates.

UPSC is a very promising career option for those who are really determined to work and progress in the field. But the difficult part is organizing the study time, especially if you are already working or have mobility or time constrains. But since we can find a solution to everything, there is a solution for this problem too. If you cannot attend any UPSC coaching classes then you can depend on the postal study material provided by Vajiram & Ravi. The study material includes the appropriate material required for UPSC studies.

General Studies Material

Candidates can order the material for general studies paper, which is usually delivered in installments. The number of pages can be more than 5000. But since the material comes in installments, it becomes easier for the candidates to prepare and make notes, which can be revised later.

Current Affairs

One of the most important things when it comes to clearing UPSC exams is being aware of the current affairs. Coaching institutes have begun to provide their candidates with magazines which are published with current affairs material. These magazines are delivered to the postal address of the student’s after regular intervals, usually every month and contain a compilation of the latest happenings in the country and around the globe, from the point of view of the exam. The current affairs also rightly indicate its relevance for the Prelim exam and Main exam.

Aptitude Test

Clearing the aptitude test is a necessity for UPSC candidates and therefore the preparation for the CSAT is necessary and cannot be ignored. The materials which are provided via postal services to the candidates include content which covers fields such as Quantitative Ability, Analytical Ability, Logical Ability, Reading Comprehension, General Mental Ability and Decision Making.

Public Administration

The material for public administration covers both the papers. The material is collected and complied to form a structured information platform for the public administration papers I and II. The material may contain more than 1800 pages of information which includes diagrams as well.

How can One Apply to get the Material?

Candidates will have to enroll in the institute’s training programs in order to get the study material. The material has is delivered to the residence of the candidates and each of the subjects’ materials cost differently. The material is provided by the institutes in English. There are certain instructions which you have to follow when it comes to conducting the transactions. Institutes provide study material once the payment has been confirmed. Any technical errors are considered as non-payments but the amount deducted during this process is deposited back to the user’s account in a couple of days.

Vajiram’s postal material can be purchased online from the website. Once candidates have filled the form online and the mode of payment has been confirmed, the material is provided to the candidate’s right at their door step. The institute, through its postal program, is now able to deliver UPSC study material to candidates across India. This way the candidates can be assured that the material which they are referring to is legit and reliable.