Condotel is an abbreviation of a condo hotel which is a new type of investment in property category. It’s recently considered to be a prospective investment as it’s believed to provide large of returns to the investors. The Condotel advantages among other property investment is that it’s physically good and ready to be managed, so any technical aspects don’t bother the investors.

Condotel usually appeared as building consisting of units as well as apartments. Each unit also features a kitchen, sitting room and bedroom. Each Condotel offer different types of room, some of them even have studio room. Condotel is also usually equipped with public facilities, such as swimming pool, spa salon, restaurant, meeting rooms, and so forth.

The building and its facilities is first finished before sold to the investors. Company who marketed the units will manage the operation of the running Condotels as they rent the units to the guests.

As the Condotel is operated like an apartment or hotel, they will generate operational incomes and expenses. Speaking of which, investors will gain profit from a range of 8-12 per cent per year from the purchasing, bigger than profit. Most of Condotel will provide reciprocity at the time of handover, for about 8 to 10 per cent per 2 to 3 years. It can be considered as cash back from investment.

The next advantage you can experience when investing in a Condotel is the investor can stay freely in Condotel the invested in.  You can also enjoy the hotel facilities and comfort that Condotel provided. Surprisingly, you can enjoy free overnight stay for 18-30 days a year.

Many investors are interested in this Condotel investment because of the continuous rising unit price as it following inflation rate. The Condotel unit’s price can rise up to 20 per cent per year. The great thing is that you as investor can put your units as collateral just in case you need loan from the bank.

Condotel is the new Investment You Can Try. If you want to invest in sectors which can return you maximum profit, then Condotel investment is a great choice for you. However, there are factors you should consider on, as Condotel will requires you the bigger capital to invest and certainly has a great risk despite of its advantages. If you’re a person with long experiences in property that you should be succeed in this new property investment.