You likely take great care of your car during the warm months. Car washes every few weeks, tune-ups, and even cleaning the interior of your car are likely chores that you perform. When it comes to the colder seasons of winter, however, you may not give your car as much care as it actually needs. In fact, the winter is when you should be taking care of your car the most. At the very least, you should regularly take your car through the carwash. Here are four reasons why.


During a blizzard, you need to see through your windshield as best you can to prevent yourself from rear-ending someone. If you were to try and clean your windshield after months of not having gone through a car wash, then you’re likely going to find that your windshield is going to be covered with grime from your wipers. Salt and other dirt are kicked up onto your windshield from snowplows and other cars and collect on your wipers. A quick trip through the carwash can clean those wipers and keep your windshield transparent for your most desperate needs.


Tires are especially important during the winter. Their functionality can often determine if you stay on the road or end up in the ditch. The treads of your tires can get packed full of snow and other debris and might be unable to stay on the road properly. By going through the carwash, the hot water can melt and push out the junk in the treads and make sure that your tires are doing what they were made to do.


Unpleasant chemicals designed to melt the snow and ice can collect under your car in the undercarriage as you pass over snow mounds. These chemicals can slowly eat away at your car’s most delicate bits of machinery. To make sure your car is protected, going through a carwash can remove those chemicals and protect the machinery.


Perhaps one of the most affected things due to the snow is the paint of your car. Salt and other chemicals can slowly eat away at it if measures aren’t taken to remove it. Snow can melt and water can form rust on your car. The last thing you want is rust slowly eating away at your car. Taking it through the carwash can clean and dry off your car and preserve the paint.

A carwash can go a long way to keeping your car safe and functional for years to come. If, however, your car does experience problems (as all vehicles do), be sure to take it to the mechanic. Whether you need Renault servicing or a garage that specializes in electric vehicles, don’t procrastinate taking your car in for repairs. At all other times, especially in the winter, keep your car as clean as possible.