So you’re hosting a big business conference and you’re not quite sure what to give the attendees. They’ve traveled from all over and you want to give something they’ll remember the conference by.

Fear not as we have a list of five things, which will help people remember your conference by and make them spread the word about it.

#1 – Promotional Golf Shirt

As business casual has become big in recent years, embroidering a really nice golf shirt is a great gift. People can wear it to the office when they get back to work because of golf shirts fitting into most offices dress codes. They’ll also be able to wear it out and about. Perhaps on the golf course or just walking around.

But make sure it’s a nice quality shirt. If not, people will toss it into the donations bin and give it away. Having a nice shirt as a gift will help the people attending the event in thinking that your event was a success.

#2 – Pens

Everyone is business still needs a pen. Yes, smartphones and tablets take care of a lot of stuff. But we still need pens to right stuff down.

That’s why giving away a pen with the conference logo on it is a great promotional piece. People who interact with the conference attendee who has the pen will surely ask them about the pen.

Once again, make sure it’s a very nice pen and not a cheap one. It has to standout so people notice it when someone is writing it.

Promotional Gifts For Your Business Conference

#3 – Coffee Mugs

Coffee is the saving grace for many business people in the morning. They must have a mug to put the coffee in as they travel to work. This a great reason why you could also get coffee mugs as your conference gift.

Surely close to 90% of people will be coffee drinkers at the conference and they’ll love a nice new coffee mug.

#4 – USB Key Chains

Over the years USB flash drives have become ever so useful. They are easy way to keep data transferable wherever you go. What is a really great gift idea is to get engraved key chains with a USB stick on the end. Having the USB on a key chain holder  will ensure they don’t lose their flash drive which tends to happen from time to time.

#5 – Notepad

Writing notes is something many conference attendees do. Getting a custom logoed notepad will help those wanting to take notes at the conference. We hope you have enjoyed our list of potential gift key chains you can give your business conference attendees.