My wife and I bought a house a couple of months back. The first thing we needed to renovate was the kitchen and bathrooms.

We really only wanted to do the countertops and cabinets. So it wasn’t going to cost us an arm and a leg.

The cabinets were going to be pretty easy to choose. Or so I thought. When we met with the cabinet company they started talking about what kind of countertops we were getting. We had no idea as our decision was going to be made after our choice of cabinets.

The people at the cabinet store told us they needed an idea what countertops we were getting. This would help us determine the right cabinet and countertop combo.

So of we went and then straight to Google to search a Victoria countertops company. We stumbled across Abstract Stone’s website which was useful for us in learning about the three types of stone countertops we could choose.

3 Types Of Stone Countertops

#1 Marble

Marble is the softest of the three types of stones and tends to be the most common because of its sheer elegance. It tends to have more veins and holds the heat very well. This makes it more versatile in households. One of the big issues with marble is it’s susceptible to stains which can cause some frustration in the long run.

#2 Granite

Granite is the most durable stone countertop. This is great if you tend to be clumsy with knifes or put a lot of hot pots on them.

You’ll need to get strong cabinets because they are so heavy. Granite also needs to be sealed more often then the other choices.

#3 Quartz

Quartz is engineered to a certain extent which means it won’t stain or need to be sealed as much as granite or marble. Because it’s engineered, there are more choices of colors and finishes to choose from. This wide range of selection also makes it a little more expensive then the other two options.

With all these options my wife and I weren’t concerned with price. So we ended up choosing the color and finish we really thought would go well with our kitchen walls. They were light so we went with a dark granite countertop.

From there we choose white cabinets to give some contrast. I’m very impressed with how things came out. The staff at Abstract Stone did a wonderful getting the measurements of our countertops then fabricating them to give a clean look.

If you are looking for countertops Victoria BC, be sure to check out Abstract Stone.