Shelf companies are those companies that have been incorporated previously and are available to be purchased off the shelf. These can also be termed as the ready-made companies. Depending upon the number of years they have been on the shelf, these companies can also be called as vintage shelf companies. The term “shelf” refers to the fact that the company has been already registered and is lying ‘on a shelf’ waiting to be purchased.


Working with Poland Zalewski Consulting:

Zalewski Consulting provides shelf companies in Poland that are ideal and completely clean. They ensure that any arrangement is concluded while all the parties are present together. Also one doesn’t have to wait for the documents to be prepared and they are fast and friendly with their buyers. Their Shelf Company Poland service is currently probably the best on the market. Zalewski Consulting is always working to provide complete satisfaction to their clients. Their offer is addressed to both individuals and companies doing business in Poland. All of their Polish shelf companies are registered with the National Court Register (KRS), EU and PL VAT. Their polish shelf companies have not traded and not indulged in any other agreements. Thus, their clean shelf company avoids risk and problems such as carrying out extra due to diligence by the client. Other benefits offered to their clients include:

  • Minimum engagement of a client and save their time.

  • Avoid unnecessary visits to the country.

  • Companies ready to trade within short period.

  • Providing current records and financial statement.

  • Flexible and professional notary deed of incorporation.

  • All companies registered with PL VAT (NIP), EU VAT, REGON and KRS.

  • Further customization – change the company name, address, shareholders, share capital and directors, etc. according to the client request.

The Advantages:

Their shelf companies in Poland can be immediately used by the client for:

  • Obtaining company certificate or license.

  • Acquiring other companies in Poland as Special Purpose Vehicles.

  • Entering into the Polish market and come up with business activities within a few days.

  • Taking part in any private or public bidding in Poland.

Zalewski Consulting delivers Shelf Company Poland service that provides unique benefits to their clients. Many chances of mishaps or misuse can occur in purchasing previously incorporated companies from unreliable provider but they ensure that every risk is eradicated by providing clean polish shelf companies to the clients, without adding to extra cost or special add-ons. They help all their clients to explore the market providing shelf companies and other post transactional solutions when appropriate.