Having a good skin care routine is extremely essential to maintain a healthy and clear skin. Facial cleansers are a necessary part of this routine. Even if you can’t spare much time and effort for the whole routine just cleaning your face using a good facial cleanser can help a lot. The more time spend outdoors, the more oil and dirt accumulate on your skin, which can have adverse effects on your skin. The residue left on your skin from your makeup, dust, and smoke will clog your facial pores. These then mix with oil produced by your skin and cause irritation and many other skin problems like blemishes and acne.

Cleanse Your Face For Flawless Skin

Daily cleansing of your skin will leave you with clean soft and smooth skin. The excess oil in your face will also be removed. An organic foaming facial cleanser clean all your facial pores, thus making them tight as no sebum or dead skin cells are trapped in them. Now, there are many types of cleansers available in the market for you to choose from, but you need to get the one which suits your skin type. Just cleaning your face is not enough; you need to do the right way.

What does a facial cleanser do?

Most facial cleansers contain a type of detergent called surfactants, which helps remove the unwanted substances and particles which get accumulated on your skin surface. When you apply the cleanser on your face and work it into a lather, the elements attract debris, dirt makeup residue, and oil. This makes it easier for us to remove them while rinsing. Sulfates are known to be the best surfactants. They are found in soaps and shampoos and are also an active ingredient in facial cleansers. While this help cleans your face, they can also strip your skin of the natural oils. This will make your skin very dry and tight. Thus you need to care about over cleaning your face.

Cleansing routine

Finding the right kind of cleanser for your skin is very important. Any organic cream facial cleanser is known to suit most skin types, but you should try if to know for sure. After finding the correct cleanser for you, you also need to figure out the perfect facial cleansing routine. You might have the best product, but using it incorrectly will cause you more harm than good.
The best way to ensure maximum efficiency is to use the cleanser twice daily- once in the morning and once again at night. You should clean your face before you apply makeup too. Follow the steps given when using your cleanser.

  1. Clean your hands and then splash your face with warm water to make it wet. Take a little bit of facial cleanser and apply it to your fingertips or a washcloth.
  2. Apply it gently on your face using circular motions and massage your face for a minute. Leave the cleanser on your face for a few more minutes.
  3. Use lukewarm water to rinse your face and remove the cleanser. Then splash cold water to shrink the pores.
  4. Dry your face using a towel.