Change is relative. Strategies that have worked in 2014 are not necessary to bear fruits in 2015. Even though the fundamentals of marketing continue to be the same, the implementations of the basic notions have to be changed, due to the technological development and shifting of demands. If you are smart, it becomes essential to keep a note on the changing trends of digital marketing and select a plan that could keep you ahead of the competitors. With less than a month left to start a fresh year, here is a list of development, which the digital market of 2015 is expected to experience.

Mobile friendly’ is the Word

According to the prediction of an analyst firm, there will be 2.5 billion global Smartphone users in 2015, which is nearly 50% rise from what is used to be in the year 2013. This makes responsive design not an option anymore, but a necessity. It has been found that professionals spend more time on their Smartphone than desktops or laptops and most of the emails are read on a phone. So, whatever design or development you execute in the website, make sure these are all mobile friendly in nature. Therefore 2015 can be seen as a year where value of mobile compatibility is paramount.

Agility in Marketing

Businesses must not think in terms of digital marketing, rather they should invest in the digital world for promotion. The more the technology the better it is for the company to integrate seamlessly. While usage of social media will continue with the marketers chasing for “likes”, “shares”, “tweets”, click-through rates and other metrics, in 2015, businesses will try to be more agile. Having customer data, flexibility in adaptation, shorter lead times can receive advantages. Real-time marketing is what the New Year will focus on. So if you are hiring a company to avail services like digital marketing in Essex, make sure the agency is updated with the current market structure.

Time for Paid Campaigns

Advertising has always been an important part of digital marketing, but in 2015, paid promotion is about to gain more focus. Whether you have small or large organization, spending on Facebook and Twitter campaigns will continue to grow. The price of paid promotion in social media will continue to rise because of the increasing demand. You may feel illogical to pay for a reach that could have been generated at free of cost; but this is an art of growing your business and getting recognition from the targeted customers.

Content Marketing is on Rise

To spread the word about your business, content marketing is be the tool that will be used aggressively in the coming year. Moreover, 86% of B2B marketing firms have already employed content marketing strategy and in 2015, the volume will increase to build relationship and enhance online visibility. Quantity should be complemented with quality as well. It is important to share content that project business personality.

These are the possible predictions that businesses may encounter in the New Year. However, planning out innovative strategies will continue throughout 2015 because every business needs to have something unique to succeed in the virtual world.

Year 2015 will witness a number of changes in the strategies of digital marketing in Essex. There are some trends, which will continue to persist strongly and some latest trends will get added to give your businesses more success.

Author Bio: Eliza is very interested about the activities of vibrant digital marketing in Essex. She keeps her readers posted about latest development and possibilities that the online world may experience in the coming years.