Sometimes, adventure travel is not all about mountain hiking or riding the ocean waves, it can be about exploring your inner world by going to spiritual retreats. Although, it may be counter intuitive to travel hundreds of miles just to sit in a group of silent people, spiritual retreat offers guide to those with inner quest. The following are just 5 top spiritual retreats in the world that you ought to visit if you are looking for a calm spiritual meditation.

1. Spirit Rock, California

The spirit rock hills are located in Northern San Francisco. This place was used by the Native Americans for their spiritual rites. Spiritual retreats are held throughout the year at this place with some people seeking healing of their heart while others the healing of their body. Many who have gone to this place have experienced face-lift after just after few weeks of meditation retreat because their spirits have been renewed.

Top 5 Spiritual Retreats In The World

2. Buddhist Centre in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

This center is just ninety minutes’ drive from Durban. It is located in traditional Zulu tribe area and community here does an out-reach work with local people through Woza-Moya in Ufafa Valley. You can go to this spiritual retreat center any time of the year in search of peace of mind and also get away from modern world since walking and bird watching are encouraged.

3. WatSuan in MokkhChaiya, Thailand

WatSuan offers spiritual retreat on first ten days of every month. This garden of liberation attracts foreigners on regular basis throughout the year and is a perfect place for those who seek authentic monk forest experience. At the registration, you only leave your cell phone number and you are provided with wooden pillow and straw mat. The retreat wake up bell is 0400 hours.

4. AlaKukui Hawaii  

AlaKukui is located among hills and trees on a twelve rural acres of Maui, with view of both Haleakala and the Pacific Ocean. Various offerings are done at this retreat throughout the year which draws both locals and long haul visitors who come to this place for spiritual meditation. Programs in writing, yoga and hula are also available at this place.

5. Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia, Canada

This retreat is geared towards the monastic life of the Shambhala tradition. Local residents typically make yearlong commitments but those who want spiritual meditation are welcomed to come for one week or two during summer in house season.

Both men and women have the need at times to remove briefly from daily life in order to nurture their soul or inner life. Moses withdrew to Mount Sinai and Jesus went into the desert. Buddhists each year go on a retreat. Muslims go on a day of fasting and prayer inside a mosque. The Hindu withdraws to a temple or roams all alone across the land. Native Americans go on a trip to the spirit world. In our lives that are often stressful and commonplace, the kitchen or the shelter at the back of the garden can be a place to go to withdraw from the world.