If you’re a movie, TV show or a cartoon lover, or you have probably faced a problem of not being able to access some great web services, such as Netflix or Hulu if you reside outside the US. Isn’t it annoying? Don’t worry!There is a solution for this problem. What you can actually do is to get a US IP address and let them think that you’re located somewhere in the US, so that you could  access whatever you want and whenever you want!

Proxies Or VPN?

Even though many would suggest using proxies,using a VPN service is much morereasonable. Why? Despite the fact that VPNs are a little more expensive than proxies they will work with the most programs that access the Internet and can be configured to encrypt your Internet traffic. But now let’s concentrate on how to get that desired US IP address.

Buy a Cheap VPS Server

First, find a cheap VPS server which is located on the mainland for less than 3 dollars. Afterwards you will need to turn it into a VPN. After you do so, you will need some knowledge to set it up. How does it actually work?When you’ll finally own a server that is located in the US, this system recognizes its location and automatically lets youenter the websites that are available for US residents only. Easy, right?


You could also use a program called HideMyAss which will rerouteyour Internet traffic through its encrypted servers and will ensure your anonymity and unrestricted access which will solve the issue. However, this might be a more expensive solution (~10 dollars a month) than choosing hosting companies who providecheap VPS hosting.

As you see, there are some really cheap and easy solutions to overcome this issue. With acheap VPS server you are able to enjoy the internet to the max with little expenses (and finally watch that favorite show of yours!).