Hi Kiran, it is really nice talking to you. Could you tell us about your journey in this field, and what you made plan on becoming a plumber?

Well, thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity for connecting with your readers. I became interested in the field of bathroom furniture when I saw a television documentary on the best bathroom in UK. Seeing those lovely bath fittings got me thinking actively about being a part of this industry. One moment in the documentary, where the anchor stressed on the importance of a dependable plumbing system, helped me make up my mind.

Tell us how you went about gaining the appropriate knowledge required to become a successful plumber?

After discussing with my family and a few friends, who backed my decision on joining this profession, I enrolled at a technical institute which offered a 12 month training course in all aspects of plumbing. Gradually I began to realise that I had chosen the right field, and was soon the leading student.

This is how you learned the theory. What about practical experience?

After passing out from the institute, I received my diploma, and along with that, I was honoured as the best student of the course. That was indeed a big day for me. Like they say, while theory teaches you through words, it is the practice that makes you perfect. On the third day after I left the institution, my professor referred me to a medium sized plumbing company. After an extremely short interview, the company took me on board.

That’s amazing. A job in three days! Tell us more about your life out there.

The first few days were spent in getting to know the company better, interacting extensively with my co-workers, absorbing details on the different plumbing projects being executed by the company. Within a week of joining, I was inducted into a team which was executing the plumbing project for a five star beach resort. I was made the second in command, and reported to a very senior colleague who had many years of experience. I got to learn a lot while we executed the project and in a period of 3 months, the whole project was successfully delivered. I received a commendation from my company on the leadership approach taken by me, where after a while I was taking the crucial project decisions, which was appreciated by my team leader.

Tell us about what you currently do?

After gaining years of experience, I finally branched out on my own. Today, I own a plumbing consultancy of my own, with a team of five co-workers. We specialize in executing high end plumbing assignments, where the value of the bathroom furniture is high, and the home owners are hesitant in trusting a plumbing company with less experience.

A last question – what advice would you give to home owners who are going in for upgrading or installing bathroom furniture?

Well, if the bathroom furniture is of low monetary value, then a standard certified plumbing company will do a good job. However, if the bathroom furniture is of high value and requires specialised plumbing to be carried out in order to provide optimum performance, then it should be carried out only by an experienced team of plumbers, who have successfully executed a project on a similar scale.

Thanks you so much for taking some time out and telling our readers about your journey and also advising them.

Once again, thanks for giving me this opportunity of sharing glimpses of my journey with your readers.

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