It’s time for your pet dogs to get a new and playful toy. If you haven’t plan yet, read on to learn and understand the famous toys that will be perfect for your pooches.

1. If your fido loves to chew, the best choice to treat him big time is go to with Kong Jump n’ Jack. This type of toy is especially designed to exercise your dog’s gums, and to clean his teeth. The toy jumps off in random directions so it easily captures his interest. It has slits that can allow the gums of your pooches to be exercised and has many surfaces for cleaning of his teeth.

2. Squirrel Dude

Squirrel Dude is a very interesting toy which has four spikes for hiding a hole that contains food stuff. The dog can play with it until it reaches the hidden foods. It is very strong and chewable toy.

3. Biscuit Block

This kind of toy ha four parts which can be filled with dog food. The pets will be occupied with a way to eat the food. The toy keeps bouncing off in different motions due to its curved corners.

4. Ball Stomper

This is an entertaining game toy that your dog will surely love. The stomper is one of the oldest ball launchers. The stomper maybe 12 inches long and the smaller one are 9 inches long. It is used to launch a ball of 2 inches length. Tennis balls can also be used instead of the ball provided with the stomper.

You need to load and stomp the ball with the stomper. This releases the ball, which flies to a height of 100 feet in case if a large stomper. In small-sized stompers, it can only reach a maximum height of 60 feet. The toy is very durable and waterproof. But then, it should be kept away from the dogs as they can’t be chewed.

5. Dinosaur Egg Baby

This unique toy is great for your pet dog’s mental skills. It consists of three eggs within it that create a squeaking noise. The dog needs to look for hidden rewards within the holes. It has the dimensions of 6 inches high, 5 inches width and 12 inches length.

When choosing for a unique dog toys, select the ones that can render different features to your pooches. Be it in helping them exercise theirgums and cleaning the teeth or toys that can give them amusement. Dogs love to play toys that improve their intelligence. As such, a set of these toys can prove to be full-packedrecreation for your fido. offers designer dog clothes and dog accessories for pet parents who truly want high style for their fur baby. Our luxury pet boutique products will make your fur baby the envy of the canine fashion world. FunnyFur is by far the site today.