Today, not only human accessories are growing in demand but also the dog’s accessories. Who says they can’t be styled? Many pet owners will give nothing but the best for your pooches so all they care is about their comfort and luxury. They would buy expensive accessories and comfortable clothing.

Because of that, the market and fashion for dog accessories is quickly arising and expanding. Read on to know the best dog accessories and what to consider when looking for an item to purchase.

1. Pretty Collars

A collar can be ultra-pain or highly fashionable. However, whatever your choice is, the very important thing to take note of is the fit. Meaning, if you want to get a dog collar is shouldn’t be too tight or loose. You have to try the collar on your dog first before you purchase it and make sure that you can fit two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck.

2. Gorgeous Leashes

A quality and chic leash is worth paying the price. Choose a leash that will hold up under pressure, won’t get tangled up, and doesn’t hurt your dog. With regards to size, pick a leash that’s fitted to the size of your dog. There styles of leashes that isretractable, which lets you dictate the leash length depending where you are.

3. Classy Bowls

When selecting for a food and water bowls, settle for the types which are low to the ground and have a steady base because it is safer and can’t be easily tipped over or knocked around, spilling water unnecessarily on your floor. Never forget to change your animal’s water on regular basis and check it often to make sure that your dog is not going thirsty and does have clean water.

4. Treats and Toys

Providing your pet dogs with several toys to play with and chew on will not only make him happy but also avoid him from crushing away your furniture or shoes. You have to choose toys that are made of your dog’s size.

5. Lovely Homes

If you want to leave your dog outside for a long period of time, be certain to give him a lovely shelter to stay on. Whether it’s too hot, heavy rain or cold snow, you animal always need safety and security protection from the elements. You can design your own or buy your dog house that is right size for your animal and will give a very confident guarding. is a dog boutique offering small dog clothes for pet parents who truly want high style for their fur baby. Our luxury dog accessories and pet boutique products will make your fur baby the envy of the canine fashion world. FunnyFur is by far the top dog accessories site today.