Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home. By taking the right steps, you can certainly put in plenty of effective security features at your place of residence. Put these three home safety tips to use in order to scare away cat burglars.

A Pet Dog

While you should never get an animal for the sole reason of security, a dog is an extremely effective way to keep your home safe. Your pooch doesn’t have to be a large, traditionally intimidating breed either. Even small dogs that bark serve as strong deterrents because the barking can alert you, the homeowner, or your neighbors to the break-in. Practical purposes of having one aside, a dog can be a loving, fun and wonderful companion for you and your family. Be sure to do the proper research and ensure a certain breed of dog or individual animal is a good match before you bring it home. Some people without dogs even get dog houses, leave dog toys in the yard and have a “Beware of Dog” sign to scare away potential burglars.

A Home Security System
A home security system can not only deter cat burglars thanks to the signs in your yard but also be of real help if a break-in does occur. Many modern systems can be linked to your smartphone so you can arm the system, disarm the system or respond to security breaches immediately. These systems can contact the police right away or alert an employee of the security company to check in. Even if you do not actually have a home security service, just putting up home security stickers can be enough to deter potential thieves. Security cameras can also be a nice touch.

A Well-Lit Yard

A well-lit yard will also convince burglars to go elsewhere because the illumination will make it far easier for them to be seen and identified. You can invest in motion-detecting lights for some additional scare factor. Having proper outdoor lighting installation can not only ensure it all functions properly but also make your yard and exterior of your home look amazing. You can even install motion censored lights that will scare away people walking by. They will at least know they are visible and the home is guarded.   Be sure to install energy-efficient lighting so powering it will not take a major toll on your electric bill. There are even options that are fully solar-powered – they charge during the day and then light up at night.

It is worth it to consider the security features of your home. Look into your options and implement one or even all of the above. With precautions taken, you can rest easy.