As your wedding day fast approaches so will the jitters that come along with them. You want your wedding to be the most perfect and most important event in your life and to make it happen, you need to cover all the bases. But before long, you will begin to realise that it is a different ballgame altogether. Nothing can be taken for granted when you plan the event, because any small detail that goes wrong will reflect badly later. So here are some tips that will guide you. It is true that Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and splendour. With hundreds of cultures and subcultures within the country, it would be pretty overwhelming if you go through all the rituals and ceremonies in each of them. So taking this as loose guide, you can plan for the Indian wedding preparations.

Planning An Indian Wedding Like An Expert

Planning the guest list

Planning an Indian wedding where you invite all the guests who matter is never possible. If you make just one final list, there is every chance in the world that you will miss many of them- relatives or friends, whatever category they belong to. You need to prepare a guest list, rework on it, tone it down, add the people you missed and then do a bit more polishing before you finalise it. Consult your relatives and other friends to make sure you haven’t missed anyone.

Deciding on the venue

Don’t decide on the venue before you have an idea of how many guests will be coming. Some people prefer to have an intimate wedding where they will invite only a few guests and in such cases, don’t book a venue that can house 500. Consult the groom /bride’s family to know how many guests they are expecting. On an average, you need to leave 25 to square feet of space for each guest; or it will be too crowded and irritating. Then you will need to leave space for the tables, chairs, decorations, and kids play area and so on. Of course, when you plan like that, you need to consider your budget too. You must be aware of the weather conditions when you book the venue for the Indian wedding. If it is in the summer, make sure there are sufficient air-conditioning facilities in the venue and if it is the winter, adequate and comfortable heating facilities. Comfort of the guests is important.

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Booking the accommodation for the Indian wedding

While booking hotel rooms for your guests, do them well in advance, right when you choose the venue itself. There is a reason for it. If the Indian wedding happens on the same day as an important trade or political conference, you may not get enough rooms. Your guests will be stranded or you will have to look for alternate accommodation, which may be inconvenient for everyone or located too far from the wedding venue.