Currently, a lot of people are going on different diets just to try and lose weight. Either, they want to lose weight, or they don’t want to add any more to the scale. Most of them simply deprive themselves of food, thinking that if they just stopped eating normally, they would lose weight. Little did they know that all they had to do was to choose what food to eat or what beverages to drink, instead of taking away their own rights to nutrition?

It has more to do with how the body burns the food instead of what it burns, that determines how one gains or losses weight. For example, eating less protein, removes muscle mass, this is the engine that burns fat. The more muscles you have, the more fat you can burn. Most of the time, the weight you lose is from the muscle tissues that died away from lack of nutrition. Less muscles, less fat burners, so the next time you eat a heavy meal, it would become harder and harder for your body to burn it every single time.

Instead of not eating, try to just watch what you eat, or have meal plans delivered to you. Here are a few foods that you can eat (instead of avoid eating) to lose weight. Here are some:

Green Tea and Healthy Food On Weight Loss


Most people see beef as a diet crusher but in truth, eating beef helps you build muscles since it is red meat and rich in protein. However, you have to eat it broiled or grilled.


Eating an apple before a meal can help your digestion and fat absorption. People who eat an apple prior to eating say a pasta meal tend to gain fewer calories than those who don’t. It’s also rich in antioxidants to boost your immune system.


They’re not juicy and savory, but if you’re looking to feel full, oats are the way. Instead of eating only a small portion of what you usually eat, fill yourself with oats before trying to eat anything else so you when you do, you’d already feel contented instead of deprived which leaves you craving for more sinful things to eat.


These actually help prevent insulin spikes that can cause your body to store more fat. You can add it to pasta sauce for a hearty dish. Since it’s very rich in protein as well, you can actually skip meat if you wish.

Green Tea

This one has been famous for weight loss for a long time and with good reason. Once fat and sugar enters the body, they’re synthesized into a substance called Triglyceride. The body needs triglyceride for energy. However, if the body is unable to consume it all, the excess becomes fat deposits. Now, green tea has Polyphones which activates an enzyme that dissolves the excess triglyceride. It can also increase metabolism by releasing fat into the bloodstream for easier consumption. This is why green tea extracts are found in most diet supplements or pills.

To lose weight, one doesn’t have to starve or kills themselves with exercise; even the simplest choices in healthy food can help a lot in reducing fat percentage, increasing metabolism and normalizing bodily functions. Eat right and get just the right amount of exercise for a healthier lifestyle.

Green Tea is used to reduce morning sickness for pregnant women and surrogate mothers.