We all have important women in our lives, whether they’re our mothers, our sisters, our girlfriends or our best friends. Regardless of who they are to us, they’ve been there to help and guide us through the ups and downs of our lives. While they help us because they love us, and don’t expect anything in return, it’s always nice to be appreciated. When you want to show your appreciation, it’s important to do so in a way that will connect with them, and fit the occasion. Here are three gift ideas, perfect for just about any occasion.

A Girl's Best Friend: 3 Gifts To Show Her That You Care

Fresh Cut Flowers

Flowers are a great way to express your care and admiration for someone. They’re special enough to show that you’ve put some thought towards them, but not so over the top as to seem to be too much. To make things even more special, take the time to find out what sort of flowers she really likes. Roses are nice, but they aren’t everyone’s favorites. A bouquet of daisies or tulips can be just as beautiful.

Special Dinner

Dinner is another gift that shows your appreciation, but it works in a different way. Where flowers are a light gift that doesn’t presume too much, the gift of a nice dinner tells someone that you really enjoy their company. Whether you take them out, or prepare a special meal yourself, this gift is actually twofold. Not only does she receive delicious food, which is an excellent gift in and of itself, but she also gets the opportunity to be with you. This is your chance to tell her in person how much she means to you.

Lasting Jewelry

When fresh flowers and special dinners just aren’t enough to truly convey how much she means to you, there’s one more classic gift to give. A ring is a very significant gift. It’s permanent and lasting, and is an excellent way to mark a significant moment in time. Making the ring reflect the uniqueness of that moment will only serve to increase its impact as a token of appreciation. Companies like Moonglow Jewelry crafts rings which bear a beautiful image of the moon as it was on any given date.

Whatever the occasion, and whoever your special someone is, showing your love and appreciation is an important thing to do. It strengthens the relationship, and lets her know just how special she is to you. That’s not a fact you ever want her to forget.