Peter Howe, Michigan resident is an attorney who attended the Detroit Mercy School of Law. He loves his home town of Michigan and we loves to help the people of Michigan by practicing law there.  As an attorney and a deep understanding and interest in the law he is a member of many law boards and keeps himself up to date with any changes in the law. There have been many changes across many states regarding paid sick eave and family leave payments. It is believed that in New York family leave payments may be 12 weeks at full time rate. In Nevada employers are obliged to offer employees who have been victims if domestic violence up to 12 weeks leave.

There has been an interesting change in the law in Tennessee relating to freedom of speech and debates that have happened on campus. They are responding to some debates on campus that caused some natural outrage and ended with protests about what was raised.

As always with the legal system there are some funny laws, which will have an explanation but that seem odd to a layman. One such law is being introduced in Southern California. It is making it illegal for ordinary residents, who don’t own a zoo, to buy or own exotic animals for pets. Perhaps this was becoming the new trend with celebrities and rich people to see who could get the strangest animal as a pet. These celebrities will now need to show some discipline and settle with a cat or a dog! There are also thought to be twenty-five residents of Carolina who already own exotic pets, it appears that they may be allowed to keep these pets but not any new ones, this is to be confirmed. This was a vast changed for the state as it was previously one of the only states that did not have any laws on the matter, perhaps this is why those twenty-five people moved there.

In order to show respect and to honor former president Barack Obama, the state of Illinois has introduced Barack Obama Day it will be on his birthday August 4, however much to the residents dismay it will not be an official holiday it is just classes as a commemorative date under law.

The plan for next year may include several changes to the ballot box relating to identification. An interesting change is developing relating to how your gender is recorded after a sex change. The final odd legality has hit in the state of Tennessee, it states that if you are a working and trained barber in that state you are now legally able to make house calls. Previous to this, it was only legal to do so when your client was very ill. Now anyone who prefers a house call for whatever reason can be paid a visit by a barber and have their hair and beard trimmed down to size.

It is always wise to have a little look at your own town or City too, so why not see if there has been any change in Michigan.