It is mandatory to get a alcohol ignition interlocks placed on the cars and other vehicles of the convicted drunk drivers. It is included ever for the first time offenders. This rule is the first step on stopping people from driving in the inebriated condition work in lessening accidents because of drunken driving. Law professionals must tighten the rules which demands drivers to avail ignition interlock systems to ensure they are being availed properly. These systems can makes wonders in decreasing drunken driving. This device not allow a driver begin his engine when he is drunk.

This device is installed to the car engine and a person who drives the vehicle is supposed to blow in to the device. If the device finds any trace of alcohol, the engine will not start. Therefore is prevents the driver from driving a vehicle in a drunken condition and makes him to take a private car. Driving law in United Kingdom is mentioned on the section 4(1) of traffic act 1988. It is regarded as an offence to drive a car or try to drive a mechanically operated vehicle when an individual is drunk or on the influence of alcohol or drugs.

UK Drunken Driving laws
When you infringe the section of this law, you will be charged with a penalty of 5000 dollars or imprisonment of about six months.Suppose you are caught doing this mistake two times in ten years, you are not eligible to drive a vehicle for three years and if you have any special reasons to commit this offense, you have to explain it to the concerned authorities. Road traffic act of section 5(1) 1988 mentioned that you are not permitted to drink and drive a car above the said limit. Crossing this limit will also need you to pay amount of fine about 5000 dollars or six months imprisonment. Do not think that you can cheat or escape from the responsible authorities by not inhaling in a breathalyser.It is also treated as an offence to refuse providing your breath example if asked for by a cops in uniform. Obtain yourself car insurance, if you consider you are possibly to make this mistake. This assists you to safeguard yourself, your possessions and people whom you have caused damage.

The insurance company will pay for the compensation amount which you owe to the injured individual or the victim of the accident because of your mistake. Vehicles must be carried to check out whether your insurance firm covers your vehicle or not. Drunken driving takes with it, severe penalties from the insurance firm. If you have driven your car after you consume alcohol, you will not be indemnified. DVLA phone number (driver and vehicle licensing agency is the company of the UK administration) responsible for keeping an information about the drivers and vehicles in Great Britain. This agency supplies driving license and manages collection of excise duty and sells private number plates for vehicles.DVLA contain no legal power to convict a motorist of a offence and the database about the drivers is updated electronically.