Whenever you visit the supermarket, have you noticed that the razor blades are locked inside a separate compartment which is only accessible to the employees of the supermarket? This is because of the high price of the razors and blades. Gillette has built a name for itself in the industry; it is the most preferred and well-knownmanufacturer of blades and razors. The brand has spent a huge sum in the marketing and advertising of their products which is why they charge a higher price for their razors and consumers are willing to pay for it.

Perfect Alternative To Expensive Gillette Razors

The reason behind the High Cost of Gillette Razors

There is lack of alternate options in the market which could be one of the reasons that consumers are willing to pay the higher price of the razors. The cost of manufacturing razors for Gillette is minimal and they sell the same razors at a price that is three to four times their cost of manufacturing. This is because they can afford to spend a huge sum on the marketing of their products in addition to having a huge profit margin. Consumers are basically paying over the head for a clean shave. Using disposable razors is not comfortable; hence, there is basically no option in men’s fashion industry. If you have been wondering why are razors so expensive, you need to keep in mind that the brands have a monopoly in the male grooming industry and they charge a huge markup of their cost. The brand uses different ways to market their products and sometimes does not directly increase the price of the razor but reduces the number of blades in a package, thus you are paying more for the same package. If you analyze the rise in prices of razors, you will note that the company has constantly increased prices while introducing new features in their razors. You need to question yourself if the razors are worth the cost you are paying. If not, it is time to move on.

Considering the amount men spend each month for the purchase of razor blades, the Bearded Colonel offers an ideal alternative to Gillette razors. They offer high-quality razor blades that are sold below the cost of manufacture. Their blades are used by barbers across Europe and they are highly durable. In addition, they help save you time and efforts of running to a supermarket for the purchase of new razors. With their subscription service, you can enjoy timely delivery of the razor and blades without having to visit the store. The cost of purchase includes the cost of shipping and they deliver at your doorstep at regular intervals. You can enjoy a quick and clean shave at a much lower price. Plus, you will not have to visit the supermarket for the purchase of the blades. Their blades are high in quality and will give the results you expect. It is worth every penny spent and is long lasting and durable.