Prudent healthcare practitioners are increasingly turning towards the Green Movement in order to minimize the amount of waste generated from their practices. The use of toxins, mercury, lead, volatile organic compounds can lead to significant damage to the environment. As a patient, even you can demonstrate similar sagacity by selecting dentists who have embraced environmental friendly methods as a means to reduce the impact of devastation caused by medical waste. There are a few ways to identify whether your Local Dentist has adopted an eco-friendly work environment or not. Read on to explore!

A Few Ways To Identify Whether Your Dentist Is Environmentally Conscious or Not

Is your Dental Clinic Eco-friendly?

Dentistry is one of the medical fields which has been influenced by the Green Movement in a major way. Dentists around the world are focusing on ways to guarantee that their offices are cleaner and that the materials used by them, are not affecting the environment adversely.

Use of High Tech Equipments

There is a large number of dentists who have resorted to the use of high tech equipments that can reduce the use of various resources. For instance, a dentist who is more aware of his environmental responsibilities would ideally make use of digital imaging instead of paper X-rays and utilize lasers as therapy for periodontal diseases.

Is he using Disposable or Reusable Items?

Another way to find out whether your dentist has adopted environment friendly ways or not, is to check out a few items used by him. For instance, he might as well want to select the washable plastic cups instead of the paper ones. The use of towels instead of paper bibs is also a sign that the dentist is concerned about the environment. The increased use of disposable items only leads to the piling up of medical waste that might as well cause serious pollution permeating our air.

Recyclable Items

Does your dentist have proper recycling systems in his office? You might as well want to avail services of a healthcare professional, who is keen to do his own bit for the environment by following a few simple steps. The plastic and paper can jolly well be relegated to recycle bins. In fact, substances such as mercury can also be recycled as well.

Paperless Billing

Another surefire way to reduce environmental waste is by going paperless. Now, it is not really possible for dental clinics to dismiss the use of paper entirely. However, there are little steps that can be taken, so as to minimize its use. How about receiving receipts and bills via e-mails instead of mails? A dentist who is signing paper bills cannot really be regarded equally “environment” sensitive as someone who is actually asking for your e-mail address so that he can send the bill to you.


Now, the whole idea behind highlighting the eco-friendly trends shaping the dental (or rather the healthcare) industry is to help you choose your dentist carefully. If you’re keeping the entire “environmental consciousness” of your dentist in view while settling for his services, then you would be contributing to the sustenance of your planet as well.