Pentaho, being a BI or business intelligence suite, offers services such as integration of data, OLAP services, reporting, data mining, dash boarding and ETL capabilities. The Pentaho marketplace is a one stop solution for all business analytics requirements.

The Pentaho business suite and Pentaho installation has low integration time as well as infrastructural cost than other BI tools in the market, such as SAS BIA, SAP, BIA and IBA. Pentaho takes lesser time on this. There is a big community support available 24/7, together with different support forums. It’s easily scalable and could cater to big volumes of data scaling to billions of data terabytes.


Today, business is growing in leaps and bounds since the past decades, which result in a lot of heterogeneous systems that generate huge data at an individual and organizations levels. This created a pressing need to consolidate all data on a single common platform and do in-depth analysis that could help companies take the right decisions. This stream itself is distinctly called as business intelligence.

The Pentaho BI Suite is the most popular BI suite in the world. It’s used for reporting, data mining, analysis, dashboard, workflow and Export Transform Load or ETL capabilities. Pentaho plugin development caters to all stacks, offering state-of-the-art solutions to esteemed clientele all over the world. Pentaho has unlimited data sources and visualizations and could handle any data. Organizations could have any amount of existing or big data, and they could be taken care of with the business intelligence suite.


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1. The biggest advantage of Pentaho BI is the pricing model. It’s cost-effective compared to the other tools available in the market.

2. Pentaho is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn. It’s easy to drag and drop for all users.

3. It’s a one stop solution for all requirements. It has tools for everybody in the organization. It provides complete solution from ETL to mine dashboards and reports.

4. It’s created on Java/J2EE platform, making it highly customizable. Thus, it’s embeddable, pluggable and extendable.

5. It is the only open source tool that supports big data.

6. Has a help-desk support that provides 24/7 support to users.


Organizations with requirements of a comprehensive solution to adapt to different data requirements, such as NoSQL databases, SQL databases, Big data and Hadoop or unstructured data fed into the system by modern touch points, such as social media and IoT to find answers with Pentaho.

Pentaho and the Pentaho data integration plugins emerge as an extensive platform, which include data cleansing, metadata, data analytics and predictive analytics altogether. The data integration capabilities deserve a mention as well. As a Java enabled platform, Pentaho is pluggable, flexible and extremely easy to embed and it offers a rich end to end BI solution to organizations. Enterprises are known to have used their own systems, which are complemented by Pentaho capabilities of data visualization layer, reporting engine, security layer and workflows to come up with all in a single solution.

The current focus and vision of Pentaho for the future targets big data and the emerging internet of things market, favoring advanced and specialized implementations. Data storage and ETL self-contained, connectivity of data source, advanced embedded analytics and embedded analytic content are among the top critical capabilities scores of Pentaho. The capabilities of the platform span from integration of data with PDI to advanced analytics with Weka and R integration.


Pentaho offers customized and interactive dashboards, with leading performance indicators in an intuitive and simple graphical interface, which could help users boos their business performance. As an open source platform based on standards, it enables custom extensions as well as seamless integration with external apps. This way, Pentaho offers an efficient and structure way of fulfilling the most complex requirements.

Pentaho reaches out sources of data across systems seamlessly from on premise to the cloud. The open architecture enables it to provide practical solutions for embedding cloud based solutions within existing enterprise architectures with the advantages of scalable and flexible multi-tenant deployment capabilities with unbeatable security features. When it comes to self-service facilitation, Pentaho remains a tool of choice for most, with its capabilities of self-creation in a browser interface, embeddable to third-party apps as well as interactive reporting tools for users to create their own reports.

Pentaho is integrated with Hadoop at a lot of levels. These include traditional ETL, HDFS files read and write, HBase read and write, Impala SQL Query and Write, Hive, Hive2 SQL Query and Write, Support for Avro file format and snappy compression, data orchestration, Map Reduce job execution, Pig Script execution, Oozie integration, Amazon ERM job execution, Pentaho MapReduce execution, Sqoop Import/Export, traditional reporting, Pentaho analyzer and Web based interactive reporting. Other popular platforms for BI and Analytics match up the flexibility offered by the Pentaho BI Suite, particularly when it comes to integration of data and building customized plugins as well as self-service facilities.