Tom Heneghan knows about the main trumpet and scenes of President Putin News Conference today! It was great news around all!

Tom talks about one of the most important topics behind closed doors – Vinta funds! This Vancouver Foundation has now planted 433 trillion dollars! Out of this amount, more fraudulent banks have been parked illegally! Treasury Secretary, Steve Munchen, has done everything alongside Swamp and all the time, with Trainers. To prevent all information about Lee Vancouver from reaching the Donald Tramp! It’s over today! Tom says the information was given by phone to date about all the details about the operation of Trump’s Leone Watta operation. So good people just leave the swamp firewire and that’s why fake news is going on NTS! They are awesome to get rid of Donald’s Troops because of the President Triumph and President Putin along with his deal on the largest part of the deep state – Vinta funds!

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Fake News is demanding a treacherous press conference press conference when he is treating former CIA director and impossible conservative Jan Bergen! They are stolen in all the way due to wage money. They know that once again this money comes back to America, the US faces a new golden age and when the Li Vineta wall itself, the troop falls into a hero.

Including Bush Clinton, Spy Stephen Halper, will never media with Killer Shan Huntie. They will not dare to mention Le Van because of HW. Bush Sheriff (Nazi Spy) stole funds from Van Wan’s van and bought the entire Republic and the Republic of Korea and Fox News. So Fox News will never criticize hunger! Only meaningless people in the alternative media will talk about Lee Vanity only! It is important to lie about HIV from Bush because he is caught down on the tape that the secret agent who works for President Reagan is real as Easter Bunny! False Jones said at the end of the article, look!

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Putin and Trump dropped only a nuclear bomb on the deepest state of eastern Robert Moeller. Putin offered him to reach Russia and cheated involved in investigating intelligence proceedings. Mueller cannot go to the course because he has done everything tomorrow! But Russian Russian is still in all scope – Putin called his block! Trap did a great deal with those who saw the press conference. I liked it Tom people talk to people who were not like a tramp who had accepted the trump! So everyone trumped and fake news loved Trump’s speech without the deepest apostles of the State!

Listen to the important information about Tom and you also need to hear press conference. Especially for the second time, Vladimir Putin speaks when he cheats Robert Miller! It is valuable to see that Putin has hidden it properly from Mueller’s throat!

Alex Jones has repeatedly lied about Warranty Taylor and Ambassador Lee Vinta! I caught one of them on the tape and showed you the truth. Alex Jones has never been mischievous about the lieutenant of Patent Li Vinta, as he never repented for his lie about the Patriot Steve Web. Jones still covers the “Deep State Reebon” senior executive services or the SSE. An article was not published on any website on this large piece of the puzzle! Check yourself and see e- and run it with your questions as if you all fake! All the patriots should force Zimmer Jones to explain lies and censorship, or we do not have any chance to take action against the real action against the state! All of them come from lies and patriots, they should not endorse the appointed leaders who control the flow of information to you. Which lies and sensor information unless they are on the social network.