If you want adventure this time, you will love the idea of a hiking trip on your next journey. Just like other hikers, you will want to pack light because you don’t want to bring all the stuff that burden you. Packing heavy is one of the most often mistakes for the first-time hikers. Here is how you can pack light for your next hiking trip.

Know your limit

You might know what you are capable of. However, you should also know that your body has a limit. For instance, a person who weighs 60 kg cannot carry the same amount of weight a person who weighs 80 kilograms can carry. It is also true that folks who are fit in condition can move more burdens than people who are less fit. Measure you sell stuff that is suitable for your current fitness level.

Research the terrain

Depending on your destination, the ground can be different. Knowing the ground is very important. If the soil is humid, you might want to add more stuff like a dry bag or anything else. It would be different when you are about to deal with cold and dry terrain.

Bring lightweight clothes

the key to pack enough is by bringing lightweight clothing . after all, you won’t need dozens of outfits for your hiking activity.

Basic items

Don’t forget to check the list of essential things that you need to bring for your hiking activity such as first aid kit, map, compass, food, water, sunscreen, hat, mini stove, snacks, knife, flashlight, and many others.

The equipment

Hiking trips can be much more favorable when you use hiking poles. In many occasions, hiking poles can help you a lot to prevent your knees from hurting because of long hours of hiking. The hiking poles are also prevalent to keep the balance and steadiness of your body. Hiking boots are must to wear. Make sure that you wear “hiking boots” not your regular sneakers.

Be wise when carrying liquids

Many hikers make a mistake when they carry juice bottles, milkshake bottles, and mineral water bottles in one backpack. You could take water bottles and store your milk powder or juice powder in your pack. This will save you from many hassles. Liquids can be a tricky part because they are heavy, but you need them to stay hydrated and fit.