Winter – the coldest season of the year. A time for getting wrapped up warm, for snuggling up with loved ones by a cosy fire and for drinking a steaming mug of hot chocolate (don’t forget the marshmallows and the whipped cream)! It’s the season traditionally associated with inertia, there are a few plants that stop growing, and some animals decide to forget about the season all together, preferring to hibernate. They set their alarm clocks for Spring and hide out in the comfort of their lairs and dens, waiting for the sun’s rays to arrive. Then they pop their head out to make sure that spring really has sprung.

Us humans tend to slow down too during winter, it’s hard to drum up the energy to go on a bracing woodland hike when it’s so cold outside that your breath paints frosty pictures in the air. Although, if you can face the elements it’s lovely to get out into the crisp wintery air and take in the frosty landscape. You can wrap up warm in a thick coat, pull on a pair of toasty socks and walking boots and you’re ready for the off. Enjoy, then get yourself home, it’s time to get cosy!

Giving Gifts This Winter

We all like a cosy home at winter, as we spend more time indoors it’s important we feel comfy in our environment. If you’re trying to figure out what Christmas gifts you can buy for the friend who has everything why not consider gifts for the home? After all there’s nothing better than a homely environment, surrounded by things we love. Here are a few ideas:


A nice furry throw can be strewn across the sofa or over the bottom of the bed, and will instant warmth to a room. If it gets chilly you can simply wrap the throw around you to achieve that extra element of cosiness.


Everyone loves a few squashy pillows and cushions dotted around. Great for snuggling up to on a big sofa. Pop on a box set and settle down for a snug afternoon (tub of popcorn optional)!


A new picture can really lift a room, and the pictures from the Sharon Nowlan Collection are stunning. Using natural materials Nowlan has managed to create striking masterpieces that are a joy to look at. It all began with a few pebbles that were carefully collected from the beach by Nowlan’s son, and those pebbles were then used to create stunning artwork. The theme tends to flit around relationships, love and family, and the bond and unity that loved one’s share is brought to life through these creative works of art. Each piece is made by artisan crafters and includes a copy of the artists signature. We like the fact that the natural materials used to make the individual pieces have slight imperfections, this makes each piece unique and truly individual – just like relationships and love!

Treasures and Trinkets

Dressing the home with meaningful trinkets and treasures can make it feel warmer. We’re not talking about clutter but attractive items that complement the room, such as pretty hanging ornaments and decorations. Art hearts by Demdaco are particularly pretty, and you can choose from lots of different designs. This unique collection of heart sculptures are wonderful expressions of love, each designed and painted by renowned artists within the gifting industry. They celebrate heart-warming sentiments such as love, hope, friendship and encouragement. There’s an ornamental key included, this will act as a stand if you want your heart displayed as an ornament on a mantlepiece of shelf, alternatively you can hang the heart. Designs include My Dear Friend Art Heart, Sisters by Heart Art Heart, You Are My Sunshine Art Heart and Thankful Heart Art Heart, to name just a few.


An enlarged photograph or canvas can prove to be a very special gift for your loved one, and being surrounded by pictures of family and friends can be heart-warming. Alternatively, you could create a photo collage or an album.

Treat Yourself Too – With Gifts for The Home

It’s nice to buy gifts for a friend’s home, but don’t neglect your own pad. You could also consider giving your own home-sweet-home a mini-makeover, with the aim of giving it a really cosy feel this winter. Add a unique picture, some new family photographs to make you smile, a couple of arty trinkets and a nice new furry throw and cushions. Hey presto, you will want to be spending all of your time indoors!