Until recently scoliosis patients have had limited options available to correct the curvature of their spine or scoliosis. Once diagnosed Doctors at the Scoliosis Treatment Clinic would recommend the patient undergo an often painful surgery to correct the curvature and prevent more from occurring.  The surgery consisted of placing screws into the patient’s spine into which a metal rod was attached along their spine. What followed the surgery was long recovery periods of up to 18 months during which the patient often lost their mobility.

Fast forward to the future and alternative treatment methods available thanks to recent advances in medicine. A new surgical procedure has been introduced as well as non invasive treatments at scoliosis clinics.

New Treatment Options For Those Diagnosed With Scoliosis

Alternative Surgery Technique

A new surgical procedure is now available where a rope is inserted rather than the metal rod used previously. The big difference is the rope allows for some flexibility of the spine compared to the rigid metal rod. Doctors have observed some patients spines have straightened without the need to actually fuse the affected area of the spine. This approach is relatively new so patient studies are very limited but improved results have been encouraging. Patients have experienced quicker recovery periods often walking just days after the surgery with less pain. One such patient a 12 year old girl was walking within 2 days and resumed a very active life shortly thereafter.

Non Invasive Treatment

Even with the strides being made on the surgical front many of those diagnosed with scoliosis are searching for less invasive treatment options.

Chiropractors and Doctors have developed and been treating patients utilizing treatment that does involve risky surgery for many years now. For some of those diagnosed with curvature of the spine the are looking for alternatives to spinal bracing or spinal fusion surgery. Scoliosis can take a huge toll on a patient’s emotional well being aside from the physical limitations. Scoliosis clinics offer an alternative treatment that focuses on the reduction and stabilization of the curvature resulting in great patient outcomes.

If you suffer from scoliosis in Lakeland FL, you have options.