There is a solution to having evasive shoulder surgery and that is shoulder arthroscopy surgery. This is where a small camera examines and sometimes repairs the tissues of your should joint. The camera is placed through a small incision in your skin. General anesthesia is often administered prior to the surgical procedure so that the patient does not feel any pain. In addition to anesthesia, the shoulder and arm are numbed so that no pain is felt. This type of shoulder surgery is done instead of the ‘open’ surgery, which is a more evasive form of surgery that requires a much larger incision be made to enable the surgeon to work on the tissues and bone. Certainly, a more complicated surgery than that of anthroscopy surgery. Open surgery may be necessary if there is a lot of damage to the bone or tissues. The benefits of anthroscopy surgery is less stiffness and pain, shorter recovery period and generally fewer complications.

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Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery Procedure

1. The Orthopedic surgeon will insert the arthroscope (camera) into the arm by means of a small incision. In the operating room, the arthroscope is then attached to a video monitor.

2. The tissues in your shoulder joint are inspected, which includes; bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

3. If damaged tissues are present they are then repaired. This is done when the orthopedic surgeon makes small incisions in your shoulder to insert instruments to repair any tears that are present. The orthopedic surgeon may feel the need to remove damaged tissue completely.

4. Finally, your incision will be closed using stitches and then covered with bandages. Your surgeon may show you photo’s of what was found and show you the repairs that were made during the surgery.

Shoulder Problems for Which Arthroscopy Surgery is Recommended

– A torn or damaged bicep tendon

– A bone spur

– Damaged or inflamed lining of the joint

– Inflammation around the rotator cuff

– Torn rotator cuff

– Torn or damaged ligaments

– Shoulder instability

– Loose tissue removal

– Arthritis of the collarbone

In addition to your orthopedic surgeon performing the necessary procedures to repair your shoulder, there are things that the patient must due in order to help in the surgery and recovery process. Thus working shoulder to shoulder with their orthopedic surgeon to better insure a successful surgery.

Patients should do the following Prior to their Scheduled Arthroscopy Surgery Procedure:

– Stop taking medications that may prevent your blood to clot. Most of these drugs are commonly used and may include ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen

– Make sure you consult with your orthopedic surgeon to find out which medications should be taken the day of surgery

– Stop smoking, prior to surgery. This is because smoking can prolong the healing of your bone or wound

– Let your doctor know of any illnesses you may have before you go into surgery

– Do not eat or drink as per your doctors instructions prior to your surgical procedure

– Take all of the drugs prescribed

– Show up on time for your scheduled surgery

It is always better to talk to a local doctor first, so if you are based in Phoenix, you can visit the following website – Phoenix orthopedic surgeons.