Family holidays are no longer what they used to feel like. Remember the ball sports and board games which used to be the order of the day. Then you would go to resorts and bask in the sun along the beaches or spend time in costly hotel rooms. Things have changed and your family deserves something better and different during the next holiday season. Cycling through big cities and making lengthy trips via train are some usual things families find enjoyable during holiday. If you enjoy creature comforts, staying in resorts can work, but trying something different like paddling a canoe or horse riding can be amazing. Here are 6 unforgettable family holidays that can inspire your life:

6 Unforgettable Family Holidays That Has Inspired Your Life

  1. Elephants and Jungle in Laos

If you have been looking for some charming and rewarding travel destinations, Laos is among the best traditional site that is unforgettable and inspiring for your family. There are plenty of activities that appeal every person, ranging from temples and elephants to waterfalls and jungle, which are ideal for a family adventure. With picturesque river valleys and forested hills, it’s located in marvelous Luang Prabang. Don’t skip visiting Wat Xieng set up in Xien Thong to witness the famous temple along the banks of Mekong River. You will get an opportunity to discover water falls, see monks picking alms and ride elephants. Laos is among the most fascinating and unforgettable places that inspire for your family.

  1. Adventure Himalayas

If you have your family in mind for an adventurous ride, head to Nepal’s amazing capital before budging out of town to witness spectacular rural hill villages and nature trails. Unforgettable family activities include river rafting and spending a night at a distinctive riverside camp. You will get a chance to explore great mountain views and calm Begnas Lake, take a mini-mountain trek and spend a night in a camp. Explore Pokhara’s dazzling Lakeside before moving to the Chitwan jungle hunting for tigers and other wildlife. If you have been looking for an amazing way for your family experience, Nepal has everything to offer.

  1. Wildlife Safari in India

Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book was set with India in mind, credit to its favorite family-friendly holiday destination. In this family-friendly adventure, you will get a chance to see Bengal tigers, leopards, birds, monkeys and other exciting wildlife in some of the most renowned national parks in India. Explore the magnificent Indian countryside via train and enjoy some cultural experiences at Ranthambore Fort and Taj Mahal before winding up with some shopping and sightseeing in the dusty and lively capital, Delhi.

  1. Coast to Coast in Costa Rica

Start by exploring the Central Valley and San Jose before going for a turtle hunt off the Caribbean coast in Turtuguero. Move back to Pacific Tamarind across the country to explore premier surf spot of Costa Rica, making stopovers in Monteverde and Arenal. Witness the wildlife inhabitants and the jungle while making volcano treks at night along sugar and coffee plantations. Irrespective of whether you want an adrenalin-packed adventure or lazy days on the beach, Costa Rica coast to coast holiday from July to October has it all for your family.

  1. Antigua

This is among the best family holiday destinations with travel ideas where the trade of winds blows gentle breezes all seasons. With constant sunshine, Antigua makes a perfect destination especially if you are traveling with your children. While the island is only 108 square miles, it has over 365 beaches for everyday of the year. In addition, you can hang about at Jumby Bay, a Rosewood resort, which is a car-free private island home for your family. Your children can roam freely while cycling the four and a half miles of spotless coastline. Get a chance to teach your kids how to ride a bike on an unforgettable family holiday in Antigua. It’s just the ideal resort compared to the bustles of daily life if you want a haven experience with your family.

  1. Tenerife

With amazing volcanic mountains, splendid beaches and year-round warmth, Tenerife is no wonder such a popular travel destination when it comes to unforgettable family holidays. Since the island runs on GMT, no chances of interruptions to your sleeping patterns. Your children will have more energy to explore Ritz Kids club at Ritz-Carlton in Albama, which ranks top credit to activities that engage children. Pick from the wide selection of family accommodation with interconnecting room combinations and one/two bedroom suites. This means there is enough space for teenagers as wells as your nanny. The resorts have stunning scenes especially at night to relax your mind, body and soul. Where else to make an unforgettable adventure with your family if not in Tenerife?


While picking a family holiday destination can be tricky sometimes, there are plenty of amazing places you can have fun as you relax. You will also get a chance to adventure, revitalize and experience cultural differences for an unforgettable holiday that inspires your family. Going places opens the mind which is ideal and contributes immensely to the future. In case you are planning a family holiday this season, pick one from the above 6 and your family will in deed never forget the experience. You will also definitely enjoy some great moments from daily bustles of life with your loved ones. Have a fun-filled family vacation for great memories!