Keeping up with the coolest, hippest, or the chicest hair styles takes some dedication and a little research. But it is also important to know what styles work for you and what styles may be more suitable for others. Finding a look is very technical because it must be an extension of your own features.

New Hair Styles and Face Shapes

It is hard to upgrade your look without a starting point, which is why it is important to know the current hairstyles. The theme for many of the new hair styles out at the moment is a combination of edginess and elegance.

The edginess is there to give your style a splash of uniqueness that should be a reflection of your own personality. The elegance is there because the everyday person should feel elegant at all times. Some experts have noted that looking elegant and ready for a photograph is a byproduct of the social media age when someone might snap a picture at any time.

Consider some of the following:

The Short Shag

This particular hair style is reminiscent of a bob, except it is a bit longer and looser. The effect is achieved through layers and a touch of messiness. What you want to see is movement and texture. The reason that this look is popular is because it gives the wearer a look that says, “I am free to be me.” This look works well with heart-shape faces, square-like shapes, and ovals but does not work well with wide faces.

The Medium Happy

The hair sits right under the shoulders and resembles a lob. The trick here is to apply loose waves to the hair. The layers are kept at a minimum, which keeps the style low maintenance. Another good thing about this hair style is that it fits all face types.

The Long Layers

This is the look for a real diva because the layers are usually very wavy, which add to the fullness of the hair. Many would argue that this look is definitely the most attention-grabbing. Maintaining these long layers is going to take a little work, but the look is definitely worth it. Round faces do well with this look, as well as oval and heart-shaped faces.

The Wispy Bangs

Bangs are one of the oldest types of hairstyles, some of which can make you look beatnik. But it is a new age, and you want something with a little more edge, which is what the wispy bangs look will give you. The bangs themselves are soft and wispy, which is achieved through some layering. The hair length could be up to you, but many experts love the medium-length, which braces the collarbone. This look is adaptable but works great with oval, wide, or oblong face shapes.

There are many looks out there that you can consider; just make sure you pay attention to your face shape. Remember that the key is that your hairstyle flatters your unique features.