Dress shirts are the most popular fashion choice for many men for both casual and official looks. However, there aren’t many people who actually know a lot about shirts. Other than the size and the collar, the rest is pretty much alien. Even for a guy who will spend a lot of money buying shirts, they won’t really care so much about anything other than the size and the color. While there are some people who may know a few things about the materials used to make the shirts, it is just about everything they can say. But there is more to shirts than the color, the size, and the fabric and here are some of the other crucial elements you need to understand.

The Collar

The collar is not just any other part of the shirt in fact; there are very many different types of collars. As you are shopping for new shirts, you need to understand these collars and the implications they may have on the quality of your shirt. Here they are:

The Point Collars

The Point Collars are the most common collars you will find in many shirts. It is estimated that over 96% of all shirts will come with point collars. This are basically collars designed with sharp edges and facing downwards, while in place the collars will form a close triangle shape. They are ideal for wearing suits and ties.

The Spread Collars

The spread collars are a little bit more casual. Unlike the point collars that form sharp edges and a close triangle shape when they are folded well in place, for the spread collars they are relatively less sharp on the edges and will; for a bigger lose triangle shape when they are foiled into place.  While point collars are very common and often found in many male shirts, the spread collars are finally common with casual style shirts.

Shirt Cuffs

There are also a lot of differences when it comes to shirt cuffs. Although some people are not really aware of various types of cuffs available for men shirts, they are really an important part of the design. Here are some of the major cuffs used in modern shirts:

Button Cuffs

The button cuffs are finally normal. They are simply the buttons that help you to close your shirt at the wrist. A big portion of male shirts will come with button cuffs. There are others that wont have any buttons to give you room for custom cuffs. However, button cuffs are always going to be in a huge percentage of shirts you buy.

The French Cuffs

French cuffs are a little bit more artistic in nature and will normally be found on casual checked shirts. You may also find them in plain shirts. They are very unique and you won’t have trouble identifying them.

There you go, these are some of the other important details about men shirts you should know about. You can visit collarbox.se for more details on men shirts.