Getting a driver’s license can be one of the most exciting times in a teen’s life, but it can come with some worrisome moments for parents. Ensuring your safety and learning what to do in case of an emergency are all part of 4 essential tips you need to know as a new driver.

New Driver in the House

1. Have An Accident Checklist

Your wellness and safety should be at the forefront of your mind when you drive. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and you need to know what steps to take to ensure your safety in case of an accident. Whether you ask any San Diego doctor or a group of Miami auto accident attorneys, they will express to you that assessing injuries is typically the first step after an accident and an ambulance should be immediately dispatched. If no one is hurt, at least the local police should be called.

A written police report can help provide the insurance company with pertinent information and help determine who was at fault. They may also take pictures at the scene of the crash to help in assessing damages to the vehicles involved. A call to your parents and insurance company should also be in order and both can calm shaken nerves afterward.

2 Drive Safe and Attentive

There are numerous distractions that you’re sure to come in contact with when first being out on the open road alone. Distracted driving is the cause of most teen accidents, and you’ll find a number of factors contributing to the problem. Cellphone usage, applying makeup, texting and music tuning are just a few of the issues.

You can implement the right safety plan by putting the phone away until you arrive to your destination. If you need to take a call or you get lost, you can pull to a safe location and stop the vehicle first.

Taking a cellphone pledge promises your loved ones that you stay committed to not using your cellphone when you drive, and you’ll do your part to make your friends and others aware of this serious issue. Limiting the number of young passengers and wearing your seatbelt are other useful tools that can help new drivers.

3. Do The Speed Limit

Teens are far more likely to exceed the speed limit and find cheap thrills in driving fast and drag racing with their friends when first getting their license. Unfortunately, the results can be deadly for you, and your passengers. As a new driver, you run the risk of getting a ticket, having to pay exorbitant fines and causing a serious accident with injuries or fatalities.

4. No Drinking and Driving!

The gold standard of a new driver is to never drive impaired. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drug usage can cause a serious accident that can change the rest of your life. Teens who drink and drive can lose their license, face jail time and experience costly fines and insurance rate increases. You could also injure or kill innocent victims because of your poor judgement. A DUI could affect getting into the college of your choice, and limit your future employment opportunities.

Getting your driver’s license allows you to enjoy a bit of freedom. It also comes with an enormous amount of responsibility and how you handle it is important. By following the above safety tips, you’ll earn your right to get behind the wheel and drive on the road.

Having a 14 year old nephew near the driving age encourages Nadine Swayne to share this information on teen driver safety. Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, a firm of Miami auto accident attorneys, knows that after a teen has an auto accident, parents often have many questions. They are dedicated to helping clients get the answers so that they can focus on healing and moving forward with their lives.

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