Are you going for a road trip? The first thing you should think about is where to get the car. Try to take a budget car so that you will save some money for traveling attractions. Budget car rental in Calgary airport will give you the biggest choice of cars. It’s rather convenient to rent a car in the airport on arrival. You don’t have to go carry your heavy valise all over the city looking for the rental office. If you really want to get a car for a good price without any efforts, go online and get the cheapest price. Remember, you are responsible for the car. That’s why continue reading and get know what things you shouldn’t do in the car while driving to avoid car crash.

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  1. Don’t put your make up on

This rule can be useful for girls who like applying makeup in the car. They have no time to beauty themself before they go, so it can be the right time for makeupping when driving. Can you see the traffic lights when applying eye shadows? It is impossible to focus on the road and stay concentrated when everything but not a road catch your attention.

  1. Don’t eat

This is one more not-to-do thing when driving. Of course, you must be busy and often late. That’s a good idea to take sandwiches with you instead of buying chips from the city market. But it is better to make a stop for dinner and never eat while driving. Again, it can happen that your sandwich draws your attention even more than a road.

  1. Don’t read

Don’t worry! It’s ok to read a map or check your way with GPS gadget. But it can be rather stupid to read a book when driving. Of course, you will always miss a turn and never notice traffic lights. It is better to read the road signs instead of books! These pictures are really useful!


  1. Don’t look for something on the backseat

It often happens that you want to find something into the backseat of your car. It can be a smartphone or a snack. What if it takes more time than you think? A couple of seconds may have strong meaning on the road. It is better to stop the car nearby and find what you are looking for.

  1. Don’t dress or undress

Dressing and undressing are complicated processes. Everything is not that fast! If the weather is cooler than you though before, you will probably try to add something to your look. But dressing and driving can’t go side by side. Don’t be lazy and stop the car when you will try to put your sweater on. When you pull your sweater over your head, you can crash the car!

  1. Don’t text, email

It is a big problem for all countries when drivers are telephoning or messaging while driving. Gadgets catch your attention with social media, e-mails, private messages, important texts. You want to share your impressions, answer your friends’ comments, and check something online. Don’t do that! Everything that interrupts you from watching the road is bad. Doing so, you will increase the chances to crash the car. You may think that you will spend no more than a second for checking e-mail. What if not? That’s so sad that people don’t pay much attention to using their smartphones while driving.


  1. Don’t put your feet on the dashboard

Of course, you can’t put your feet on the dashboard when you are driving! You should bend the throttle! But even if you are in the passenger seat, it is recommended to stay your feet away from the dashboard or car window. Even when you picked the car with automatic control, you’d better to keep your feet down. The chances to crash the car and hurt passengers are bigger when your feet are far from the accelerators.

Go Wait in the Car!


  1. Don’t store unnecessary items in the car

If you are going for a trip you may think that the more things you will take with you, the more comfortable you feel. But it doesn’t mean that you have to take a sleeping bag, a tent, and a bike to New York. Besides, the mess of items around you can block your visibility. As a result of this, you may cause an accident on the road. Also, storing many different stuff items in your car you make it attractive for thieves.

Traveling in the car is always interesting. You can stop where you want and see what you want. You can plan your trip in your own way and feel great about it! But still, whatever good planner you are, you can’t predict everything and avoid all troubles. Just remember these 8 things you should never do while driving and make your trip more enjoyable.