Despite theregular Fiat 500, the 500 GQ, the 500C, the 500L, the 500L TREKKING, and the 500L MPW all being available, Fiat seem intent on getting as much from the 500 moniker as they can.

The latest addition to the range will be the Fiat 500X and according to Fiat will be the final instalment in the 500 range.

The 500X is a crossover car, but larger than the 500L and is set to be manufactured in tandem with its sister car the Jeep B-SUV, with the platform of a Punto and a 4200 mm wheelbase. This new car will be aimed at the family market, particularly those who need greater cabin and boot space, while also designed be in line with the rest of the 500s, with large amounts of standard equipment such as alloy wheels.

Fiat Due To Launch A New Range Of SUVs

While there are numerous sketches onlineat the time of writing no final design for the 500x has been released, despite the clues offered.

Under the bonnet, the 500x is set to be available with the option of either the 1.6-litreMultiJet diesel engine or the 1.4-litre four-cylinder TwinAir petrol. Another option comes from its availability in both FWD and 4WD (with a system lifted from the Panda 4×4) although FWD is predicted to get the majority of sales due to a great fuel efficiency and smaller price. Although there is nothing solid released, the standard gearbox it comes with is expected to be a 6-speed manual.

Stepping into the car, the interior will be an improved form of the 500L’s inside, although due to the 500x’s larger size, the only parts it will share with the 500L is the air vents and some of the driver controls.

Bristol Street Motors are behind the release of this new car believing that “The 500 plays to a lot of markets, but not the crossover market. The 500 is funky enough and drives well enough to be a crossover, so it will be interesting to see how the 500X performs out on the road versus the competition.”

Over the last decade, Fiat as a brand has been greatly successful, in so small part to their reputation for excellent reliability amongst modern Fiats. This can be clearly seen in thatBristol Street Motors MOT Gloucester (click here) pass the majority of recent Fiats less than four years old on first test.

According to reports, the 500X is due to be produced in Italy as the first car manufactured by Fiat’s new €1bn Mirafiori plant expansion. Jeep’s B-SUV is predicted to be made in Poland for European markets although there is no news on where the cars set to be sold in America and China will be made. It is also expected that Jeep will create a trail version for those who want to push their cars harder, while there are rumours that a TREKKING version of the 500X could be made available within a few years of the original cars introduction.

This car is currently still being developed, meaning that its release isn’t likely to be till early 2015, while the Jeep is expected to come on sale towards the middle of the same year. Pricing, specs and availability are currently unannounced although they are expected to be released nearer to the 500X becoming available to buy.