Building an online fan following website for your music band is one of the best and easiest way to have a successful music career. You will be giving your fans a chance to access your music quickly and also; you will have a better opportunity to gain new ones.

Using WordPress to create your music website is among the easiest way to go, and the better part is that you do not need professional skill to create one. You will also get Music WordPress themes, and plugins and the only work left for you is to select the most suitable and customize it based on your preferences.

What are some of the must use plug-in when using WordPress to create your music site?

Audio feature

The Audio plugin is essential if you want to draw the visitors’ attention to a particular song on your album. It could be your latest song, a famous track from a previous album or any other song that you feel that it deserves some spotlight. The plugin enables you to add featured audio for every page or post. It comes handy with five distinct visual styles.

Even organizing plugin

As an artist or band, you will be called on events and gigs every week or month. It is best if you announce upcoming events on your site which makes it easy for your fans to view all the details. ┬áThis plugin helps you create events and makes it easy for you to add new ones every time one comes. You can also add features like chances of repeating an event depending on your schedule and assigning the venues of the events. The plugin is compatible with Google maps, which allows your fans to access the directions to the events’ venues easily.


If you intend to build a custom playlist, the plugin will help you insert the playlist together with a review from iTunes. This includes information such as the song title, album title and the name of the artist. It also links the music to iTunes which allows visitors to buy them directly and add them to their music collection.

Share button

WordPress will offer you a social share button which allows you to increase the number of shares thus increasing brand awareness, increase the number of subscribers thus driving traffic to your site. This plugin enables your subscribers or website visitors to share your songs on over 45 social networks. It also comes with about 52 templates for social sharing, and you can customize the display, animations among other plethoras.

Spotify Master

If your music can only be found exclusively on Spotify, this plugin will work for you. Spotify master enables you to display your songs, albums, and playlist in a widget form on your site.

With these plugins, you will be able to have a complete site that will fulfill your needs based on your goals. They are easy to interpret and use, and if you follow them accordingly, you will love the end results. All the best!