America is a place where world’s top and feature universities are established to provide world class education to the students. The cost of studying in America will be depending on many factors. Firstly the cost is for tuition and also for the cost of living. Then the college must be having scholarship available for the students who are qualified in the entrance exams and fulfill the general eligibility rules and also about the traveling and VISA procedures. The student need to know about all the FAQ’s about insurance for health and for the police, the communication, the transportation, the study material for the best subjects they select and the placement they are looking for. Some students will be doing part time jobs to earn an average salary to find more support from their side. The cost of living includes food, dressing, transportation and other personal expenses. Usually the students are provided with accommodation by the university and they can search for a new one in a year. Some of the top and featured universities will be providing Host family accommodation service to the students. This will be expensive for living.

There are many agencies that explain the FAQ’s about the VISA procedure and general eligibility rules for scholarships and the list of different universities that offer best subjects of you interest and about the universities that provide grants on the basis of the grades. So you need to be careful with these agencies also.  These consultancies also help in knowing about the scholarship available for your qualifications and the average salary your family is earning. There are both private and public universities in America. These universities will be offering different cost of tuition fees, a public university will be less when compared to the private university. And when it comes to the subjects engineering courses will be less expensive and the management programs like MBA and other courses like medicine will be more expensive as these include some research and training. The health insurance which includes medical treatment and it is compulsory for every student to apply for this health insurance facility.

The cost of application and the examination charges before applying for the university also comes into play. The academic tests will cost you more and then the reporting of the score will also affect the cost of the application. If the student plans to take another person with them to the states then the cost will be increased for two people to survive. There are many universities and organizations run by government and private bodies that provide scholarships and financial supports. The students are required to meet all the requirements to get this opportunity and there are some Indian associations to help the students of India and also for the women of Asia. These organizations will help in lowering the cost of living and cost of studying in USA. So the student should approach the banks in their countries before leaving to make sure they are getting enough resources