The most recent released phablet from Samsung is amazing. In this case we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


In the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, data transmission at a distance of several meters is provided by protocol Bluetooth 4.1. Also, the phone is able to determine your location using GPS, GLONASS and Beidou. Speed ??and precision of geolocation is good. In difficult conditions, such as the location in the forest, Note 4 still copes perfectly well.

Mobile and Voice Quality

Dialer application looks interesting and more able. For example, a flick of the finger to the right of the contact in the call list offers message history, to the left – there is a call to a contact.

The quality of the transmission of human speech in both ends is very good. Noise reduction works adequately, although sudden loud sounds or noises are cut off is not always (typical of all phones).

Camera Features

In Samsung Galaxy Note 4 the front camera is one of the highlights. It boasts a resolution of 3.7 megapixel (2560×1440 pixels, 16: 9). To take a snapshot with front camera, does not have to touch the screen – just click on the pulse sensor on the back cover. Photo quality in most cases is good, but for a medal in any case does not apply.

The main camera does pretty well, despite the considerable number of failed test shots. Its resolution is 15.9 megapixel (5312×2988 pixels, 16: 9). There are automatic flash, which, however, needs improvement, because often works with a small delay. In the bulk of the rear camera image is sharp and pleasing to the eye, even when detailed consideration. Color rendition, except lighted frame error with the exposure is good.

In low-light conditions predictable color fade, the contours are blurred. Completely out of control digital noise. In combination with the flash is still possible to achieve decent results.

Note also that the greatest clarity characteristic of close objects; the more – the less detail. Use the digital zoom is possible, but not desirable, too significantly decreases image quality.

User has access to a variety of modes of the camera, but not all of them are implemented efficiently. For example, shooting option cyclorama gives final photo size of only 1.6 megapixel (1365×1141 points).


The manufacturer used the screen QHD Super AMOLED; widescreen resolution of high-definition (2560×1440 pixels) adds a very realistic image.

The results of the measurements show as usual for expensive phones of Samsung, a very uniform distribution of illumination and elegant contrast.

A large touch screen surface supports various levels of depression and allows, for example, drawing a good idea. The Note 4 looks much more closely related to tablets, not phones.

In terms of color, the device under test sets reference values ??(the screen covers the AdobeRGB color space by 99%). Available in various color profiles, the user can select one of three modes. We would advise to stay on a simple (and not the photo or cinematic) because the colors look so natural, there is no glut of them.

With Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has defined the standards of high-end smartphone and we hope Samsung will repeat the history with Galaxy Note 5 release date.