Many people have a passion for trekking and they like to choose a right destination for meeting essential requirements. There are a lot of places in the Western Ghats which allow tourists to plan a trekking trip with a family and group for experiencing more adventure. On the other hand, it is necessary to get more details about them before scheduling a trekking. Karnataka in India is a popular one for trekking mountains allowing the tourists to plan a trip accordingly. Kodachadri is one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats enabling visitors to have a good view of scenic landscapes and other things. It is a perfect choice for trekking, camping, weekend getaways, and other activities to get more pleasure.

This mountain covers dense forests, waterfalls, meadows, and endangered species. The place is 400km away from Bangalore which exactly fulfils the expectations of trekkers. There are many things to do at the peak and one should hire a guide for overcoming difficulties in a trip. It is necessary to work with a right trekking company for scheduling a trip depending on the needs. The peak which is above 4400 sea level provides ways for enjoying outdoor activities with a group. Those who want to fix their itinerary should seek support from a professional service provider for ensuring complete satisfaction. Although there are several sources available for knowing the details, it is necessary to make a study of them online for making a right decision.

The best time to visit the peak is from October to February and tourists can enjoy nature accordingly. Some of the attractions in Kodachadri trek include Hidlumane falls, Arasinagundi falls, Mookambika National Park, and sunset. Trekkers should carry shoes, warm clothes, water bottles, tents, food item, and ponchos before preparing for a trip. At the same time, the packages may vary with a trek service provider and one can compare them online for planning a trip based on the choices. It is possible to book a trip in advance to witness more pleasure. Tourists should read the reviews and testimonials of trekking companies that can help in gaining more ideas. Most of them arrange accommodation and other services on a trip after evaluating the requirements.

A trek to Kodachadri will allow the tourists to discover wildlife and other things with ease. It is one of the top destinations for trekking purposes to make a memorable trip. Another thing is that it is the great weekend getaway near Bangalore enabling people to reach the place in quick turnaround time. Guest houses are available on the peak to ensure a better accommodation. In most cases, a trekking company will prepare the itinerary of trekkers to enjoy a trip without any difficulties. The trekking involves a maximum of 3 days and tourists can select their preferences which suit a trip. Bus services are available from Bangalore to Kollur and they can reach the place at the earliest. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions while booking a trip online.