In fact there is no clear-cut answer to the question posed in the title, as both phones – particularly smartphones – and tablet devices have serious arguments in favour of them when it comes to gaming. The manufacturers of these devices have to make them viable gaming options as, from casino games at sites like Jackpot City, to hits like Angry Birds; gaming remains one of the most popular uses of mobile devices. This is a look at the best and worst features of both from a games standpoint.


Certainly if you prize a good sized screen then there is no question that tablets win out over phones every time, and many gamers do consider this a significant issue. It is particularly important for games which are fast moving and feature lots of visual information, as a small screen will only make it harder to follow this. Furthermore as more tablets feature 4G during 2013 the old issue of Wi-Fi connectivity will no longer be a problem for those wanting to game in areas without wireless. However, despite that, tablets are still less portable than phones – and arguably less comfortable to hold when you are gaming over a long period, which becomes an issue if you are playing a casino game like online poker or online roulette.

Another argument in favour of gaming on a phone is that, while smartphones and tablets both feature mobile operating systems, the Android OS – which remains the most widely used one – runs better in smartphones than it does in tablets. Furthermore, most tablet devices remain operated only by touch screen, which makes playing those games that require more than simply tapping the screen more difficult. Even the likes of casino slots games usually feature bonus games now which require more sophisticated control and touch, making this a definite flaw when it comes to tablet gaming. Thus it could probably be argued that phones still represent the best mobile devices for gaming.