Everlotoggers likes havinona lots of comments left in his blogs by his viewers. Through these comments only he would come to know about his positive and negative habits while writing his own blog. I have noticed many of the times that many bloggers have many comments left behind his posts on each and every article he writes. These comments also increase the traffic towards his blogs and it also generates a spirit of competition and ranking of the blogs. The number of comments decides the popularity of the blogs.


Please do not be of the intention that the comments you receive are directly proportional to the traffic you receive Look comments may be good or bad. So don’t get overwhelmed if you receive a lot of comments Following are certain ways you can increase the comments in your blog.

Make a Statement

This one is the most common mistake that every blogger does is that when it is about commenting to the cheap levels no one is a fool to comment on a blog that have comments including both the good as well as the bad. The viewers expects your own opinion in your blog so add a plenty of it. If you give your own opinion you might just want them to agree or disagree with your blog. On the other hand if a certain post receives both good and bad comments the blogger must think that there is nothing more to be added to the blog.

Respond to Any Comments That You Are Getting

The viewer comments on your blog so as you should be able to know what are your faults and what you should do in order to correct those faults. The commentary will be fully satisfied if he gets an active response from your side. He will come to know that the statement he commented was taken seriously by the blogger. So try to respond them as quickly as possible.

Don’t be a Know it All

Don’t get the feeling of “know it all” in your mind. The comments that you receive should be noticed by you very seriously I know that providing some additional information is excellent but getting something extra is not too bad. So ask for comments and ask some useful tips and points if you have missed something. This will not only make your blog more knowledgeable but also takes your intellectual capabilities to the next level.

Failure Has Advantages Over Success

Many experienced bloggers usually start their blog by sharing some of their successive moments in life. But the readers don’t likely pay attention to that but if you had written certain failure stories about your life the reader would be too inspired by your goals and you may get a lot of comments as compared to the first case.

Surprise Your Readers

Almost everyone loves getting surprises so your readers will too like it so surprise them with writing something in your blog that is completely different from what you written till now in your blog and you would certainly get lots of comments.

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This is Guest Post by kumar geeky writer and blogger for http://techiecold.com/ and http://techieshout.com/