Take a good look around and see how many smart phone, tablet, and laptop users there are out there. Mobile computing has exploded exponentially over the last few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Nowadays, if you want to be heard (or seen, apparently), you need to establish a presence online and make sure that your message is reaching mobile users. The point of a good mobile marketing is getting your message out to all of those people, with the greatest likelihood of conversion into full-fledged customers.

Here are four tips to guide you to mobile marketing success. After you’re done, check out the article “Top Tips for Mobile Marketing Success in 2015 and Beyond” for more good ideas.

Be All Things To All People

As mentioned earlier, mobile users come in all shapes and sizes, each sporting one of several types of mobile devices. That’s why your marketing efforts need to have a good landing page that can be easily accessed and interacted with, regardless of the device. The page needs to accommodate a smart phone, laptop system, or tablet of some kind. And yes, you even can’t leave out the non-mobile users, sitting at their desks with their desktop PCs!

Be Clever Yet Careful With Text Message Marketing

Text messages (also known as SMS) are an important part of mobile marketing, but they must be handled with care. You have about 140 characters in order to get your message across, and that means lots of active words (e.g. watch, click, grab) as well as an idea of a limited quantity or time (e.g. “only 4 left”, or “expires 4/1”). In the latter case, you will ideally rouse people into action, since if they only have a limited time, they won’t procrastinate.

Also, make sure not to go too crazy with text message marketing. You only have to see how people feel about there being too many commercials ruining their favorite tv shows to get an idea how much people can’t stand being inundated with ads. Start off small, maybe two or three a month, and see what kind of sign up and click-through numbers you get. Adjust as needed.

Be Generous

So, you want people to respond to your marketing campaign? Fine. What are you giving them in return? As a ham actor would say, “What’s the motivation?” A successful marketing campaign induces people to act by giving them an incentive: maybe it’s a special deal, or a discount, or even some small item (t-shirt, cheap sunglasses, bottle opener and key ring). People like to get stuff, and they like to feel like they’re getting a bargain. So give them one!

Be Social

Or to be more precise, be involved in social media. Are you aware that over two-thirds of Facebook users access it via a mobile device at least once a day? Furthermore, at least one in six users access Facebook only with their smart phones? Make sure that your mobile marketing campaign covers social media networks, with emphasis placed on the 600-pound social gorilla, Facebook. It could also be helpful if your business had a page on Facebook that was easily reached by mobile users.

Like the article “Mobile Adoption Rates Continue To Soar” says, “It’s a mobile world out there”. Make sure that your business is well-represented in the world of mobile marketing. After all, your competitors certainly are!