A surge in the number of smart phone owners around the world has resulted in an influx of new and improved mobile apps coming in from developers all around the globe. These apps are crucial for the success of smartphones in the market and developers are trying to lure users through the use of these apps. However, the quality and performance of these apps play a pivotal role in determining the success of these developers. In order to ensure loyalty, developers are always on the look-out for various methods to try and improve the overall experience they offer to their customers through these mobile apps.

User Experience, often denoted as UX, is the most crucial tool through which the performance of any mobile app can be measured. It is the reaction that users have from using an app that can measure the success of any mobile app development. Giving users an interface that is user-friendly and creates value for them is what most users seek in an app these days. A key element these days in most mobile apps is the feeling that users get that this app has been specifically designed and best suited to work for them. Creating this valuable user experience needs to be understood at all levels by mobile app developers all over the techy world in order to gain maximum advantage by creating mobile apps. Let’s take a look at a few significant values of creating user experiences:

Customer Loyalty

The only satisfaction for mobile app developers in today’s competitive smartphone world is received when customers stay loyal to your app and do not switch to another similar app produced by a competitor. Users are not interested in your productivity or efficiency. They are looking for entertainment and an error free app. They are looking for an app that is stable and does not hang their system. They are looking to fulfill their requirements. So give your customers an engaging app and they will stick around for longer than usual.

Reduced Costs

Providing all the solutions to your customers as and when you launch your app in the first place, you will not need to encounter the hassle of debugging and providing frequent updates. This way you will save your costs of continuously revamping the app.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is really the core element of user experience. Dissatisfied customers will result in low sales and therefore even lower profit margins. Offering your customers the experience that they are looking for in an app, this includes a multi-operational platform is the satisfaction that these users are looking for. One way to measure this satisfaction is through the online forums and reviews that users often place on social media websites. Bad reviews and your app being deleted by most customers after downloading is a sign that your customers are not at all satisfied with the app.

Stable Business

Another element that influences user experience is how stable and profitable your business really is going in the app market. Try to go for expansion or stick to focusing on your key driver of your business if expansion doesn’t work for you. One way to measure the success of your business and its profits is through measurement tools designed to check how many times your app has been downloaded, how many clicks your app has received and other data related to these. These indicators will help measure your revenue. In order for these numbers to be favorable, mobile app developers need to design apps that cater to all customer needs and gives them a value adding user experience as a whole. Offering solutions to customers and not just an app that serves no significant purpose is what the customers want. Even an app as much as a game can serve a purpose. A well engaging game will keep customers busy when they are waiting in line for a doctor’s appointment.

These are a few core elements that trigger user experience. Other elements such as designing a home screen that defines your user’s journey whilst using their mobile app and aids in the functionality of the overall device, other added features such as sign ups and permissions, and search options are just key add-ons that a good user experience giving app needs to cater. The rest is up to mobile app developers and their creativity. Given the users a reason to return to your app by building useful and engaging app is another sign of good user experience. Not only this but, giving you app an extension widget will help expand the app’s domain and not just limit the user to experience the app’s core functions but give them a reason to keep exploring your app even further.

Keep these few important features in mind whilst designing a new app and you will definitely give your users an everlasting experience.

About Author:- Sani is Managing Director of VeztekUSA a well known Web and Mobile App Development Company based in Los Angeles, California. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications. He always stay  up to date with latest trends in Mobile App Development and loves contributing on different technology Blog. Follow him on twitter @VezTekUSA