Self-reliance is a traditional virtue that often loses its meaning in today’s industrialized, high-tech world. But it is still a quality that can serve you well throughout life, ensuring you can handle the ups-and-downs of life and instilling a sense of confidence. Here are 4 ways you can improve your self-reliance that will help you feel in better control of your destiny.

Simple Home Improvement Tasks

Knowing how to do a few home repairs can help to avoid those sudden inconveniences and expenses when important systems experience a breakdown. You can find a variety of books and videos on the internet to help you make simple repairs, such as fixing a leaky faucet, repairing a squeaky door, installing an electrical outlet and other tasks that will save you both time and money.

Learn Simple Car Repair Tasks

Learning a new simple auto repair skills can also benefit you in terms of saving time and money. New cars require fewer oil changes, but this is still a task you will need to perform at some time. Changing your own auto light bulbs and windshield wipers are also good ways to keep your car in good repair. Once you learn the features in your own particular vehicle, it will become easier to take care of these simple repairs yourself. All you need is a good deal on auto parts, some know-how, and a desire to learn.

Grow Your Own Food

A simple container garden on your balcony or outside your door can provide a tasty yield during the warmer months. Try a tomato plant, pepper plant or blueberry plant. Water and fertilize it, as recommended. Once you enjoy the fruits of your labor, you may want to extend your garden or try different types of fruits or vegetables. This skill may lead you into related abilities, such as freezing, dehydrating and canning skills.

Learn How to Wield a Needle and Thread

Maybe sewing skills haven’t been a high priority in your childhood training. But knowing how to use a needle and thread can help you live more effectively in your everyday life. It can help to save a favorite article of clothing, keep you warm, brighten your living quarters and can even help you make sports equipment last longer. A number of videos are available on line to help you learn basic sewing skills that you can use every day.

Learning new skills helps you to form new neural pathways and makes you a more interesting person. In addition, you will find a bit more money in your pocket and more time for the other things in life you really enjoy.