Dog lovers want to do right by their beloved pets. This includes taking proper care of them when they aren’t feeling well. If you have a sick dog at home, here’s what you need to know.

Limit Activity and Contact with Other Dogs

Sick dogs are often lethargic because they are not feeling well, but in some cases they will really want to play when they should not. Keep your dog indoors and limit activity and play. This will help her recover faster and prevent injuries from getting worse. Keep her away from other dogs because conditions can be contagious and you don’t want what your dog has to spread to other dogs. This includes any other dogs you may have in your home, because your sick dog could use the rest and quiet anyway.

Monitor Symptoms Closely

When you are concerned your dog is sick, you will want to monitor her symptoms closely. Take notes and gather as much information as you can. Note if they change or get more severe. This information will be incredibly helpful to any veterinarian trying to figure out what is wrong with your dog. Just a little bit of observation can save your dog’s life.

You Can Get Prescriptions Delivered

You do not always have to take your dog into the vet when he’s sick. For a chronic condition or if your vet is otherwise willing to write a prescription after seeing your pet lately, you can get prescription medications delivered. There are a number of sites that allow you to order pet medications online and your vet may be willing to mail them to you as well. Using a compounding automated ordering system can get your dog the medicine he needs regularly delivered right to your door.

Call Your Veterinarian If You’re Concerned

Owners who truly care about the well-bring of their pets get them medical help immediately if concerning symptoms appear. Certain symptoms are always alarming and should be seen by a professional veterinarian immediately as an emergency. These symptoms include unconsciousness, vomiting that doesn’t stop, inability to urinate, major bleeding and more. Your vet can offer advice for less severe symptoms.

Having a sick dog at home can be very distressing. Dogs depend on their owners for care and having his well-being entirely in your hands can feel like a massive responsibility. Keep him comfortable, manage symptoms and follow what your vet says, and your best friend should be feeling better in no time.