Parents enjoy saving money on accessories for their children, and a homemade hair decoration, such as a ribbon, barrette or head band, is a great way for parents to save money on accessories.


Little girls love to accessorize, just like their mothers, and they love to feel pretty with flowers and bows.

Purchasing a steady stream of accessories for children would become incredibly expensive, but there are options for parents who want affordable hair accessories for their children.

A homemade ribbon, barrette, or head band is a great way to give children an accessory without spending a lot of money.


A good ribbon is a very cheap way for children to accessorize and express their individuality.

Ribbons come in a huge variety of shades and colors, so there is always a way for the children to find a color that they love.

While ribbons can be decorated with frills and lace, ribbons also make good accessories when they are simply tied in the hair like a bow.

Different colors can be tied together to create even more complex designs, such as red, white and blue ribbons for a Fourth of July party.

Parents who want to make homemade ribbons with their children can go to a local fabric store, or shop online together to find colors that the parents and children both like.


A barrette is a more complicated crafts project than a ribbon.


Barrettes are great for children who want a small dash of color in their hair and who want to keep long hair from getting in their eyes.

The small foundation of the hair barrette makes it difficult to put very large objects on the accessory, but they are a great way to put small flowers or a highlight color in the child’s hair.

There are many different styles of barrettes, and parents will need to decide what style they want to make before they begin their crafts project.

After adding a base to the barrette frame, parents and children can attach fun designs that children feel excited about wearing.

When working on a barrette project, parents may need to visit a crafts store or an online shop to get the proper frame for the barrette.

Head Bands

The biggest fashion accessories for children are head bands.

Because the bad provides extra support for the design elements, head bands can support much more weight than other hair accessories.

Head Bands

Head bands come in a few different styles. For very young children, head bands may wrap completely around the back of the head,

and may be made of elastic to prevent the head band from slipping off of the head. Older children can use a rigid head band frame that fits near the front of the head like a tiara.

The entire structure should be wrapped with a ribbon to hide the metallic or plastic frame and add even more color to the design.

Large flowers and bows are usually the design of choice when it comes to head bands for children. Head band frames are easy to find at crafts shops or at online retailers.

Finding funky new ways for children to accessorize is easier than ever before.

Parents and children can work together to create crafts projects such as ribbons, barrettes and hair bands to give children the accessories they want at an affordable price.

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