Home design is taking a new turn these days with most of the home owners turning to out of the box ideas to customize their homes and ensure that the homes reflect their lifestyle and living ideology. A lot of the people are also coming up with inexpensive ways to implement these ideas in already constructed homes. Here are some of the most unique and fashionable home designing ideas that are in vogue these days.

  1. Displaying a Great Art Collection in the Living Room

This not only gives a very unique and creative look to the living room but it also means that the art will stand out and the room will look fresh. One can use anything from vases or even paintings embedded in the living room table.

  1. Use Curtains to Separate Two Sections of the House

For example one can hang curtains to separate the kitchen and the dining area. One can also put curtains within the living room to separate two different seating areas. These curtains improve the aesthetic appeal of the house.

  1. Unique Beds and Bed Covers

Bedrooms can be a playground for creativity and therefore one can always experiment here. One of the things that one can do is to have colourful bed covers and beds with unique designs. These designs can give a very traditional look and feel to the house.

  1. Have a Small Bar in the House

A small bar with small bar stools can become a small drinking place within the house. One can entertain friends there and even read books while sipping a drink on the bar counter.

  1. Having White Coloured Furniture

Different coloured furniture stands out in the clutter. And if the piece of furniture is coloured white it gives a very pleasing and calming effect to the entire room.

  1. Designer Wall Papers and Paint Styles

It is always a good idea to have designer wall papers and paint styles because this makes the room looks brighter and more cheerful. The

  1. Use Vintage Look Carpets

Vintage carpets can change the look of the room and give it a very regal appeal – something that is being practiced at the superior granny flats –grannyflats for saleMelbourne.

  1. Putting the Seating Away from the Walls

This means the seating sofas and chairs will be closer to each other making the entire arrangement look more intimate and cozy.

  1. Using round rugs in the center of the room

This is a very unusual and yet very effective technique that changes the look and feel of the room. Experts remark that this can make a room appear considerable larger than its actual size.

  1. Having Chandeliers and Full Size Glass Windows in the Living Room

It is always a good idea to have a large sized window in the living room since it gives a full view of the outside surroundings. One can also have chandeliers with mixture of white and yellow lights to give a soft glow to the entire house.