In many countries, alcohol is part of the culture and it is a part of the social interaction and recreation. For many people, alcohol consumption can be managed, but it can also be easily abused. Occasional drinkers could become moderate drinkers and finally addicts. Without personal control, alcohol could represent a real problem, such as broken relationships, loss of job, DUI charges and health problems. Alcohol abuse is a complex issue and it is often considered as a combination of environment and genetic problems. However, misconceptions among drinkers could also cause various problems. As an example, many people think that they shouldn’t have legal problems when they don’t drink every day. The truth is, people who are charged with DUI offenses can be occasional drinkers. In fact, it is perfectly possible for people who drink to become a binge drinker in a party or other occasions. It is also important to think that drinking is always acceptable, because everyone does it. In reality, not everyone drinks alcohol and many people never get drunk for their entire lives. So, if it isn’t really necessary for you to drink, then you should avoid doing it.

It is also wrong to assume that alcohol is more manageable and safer than drugs. In reality, alcohol itself is a chemical substance that can be treated as drug. Due to this wrong assumption, alcohol becomes the most abused substance in our society. So, it is not really the decision of choosing between alcohol and drugs, because both are equally dangerous. The role of alcohol is strong in our society that many people think that they won’t fit in, when they don’t drink. This is another misconception that you need to dispel. People who interact well socially, should be accepted well socially. If you find a group of people who emphasize on drinking, then it is likely that you are not dealing with proper individuals. You shouldn’t use alcohol as a way to medicate your social anxiety, although you don’t have a physical or mental urge to drink. This is another reason why many people start to drink too much, especially if they are going through various difficult situations. It is also not a good idea to think that you will be able to sober up immediately if you want it. In reality, it takes time for your body to process alcohol and it needs to be excreted by our kidneys. Cold showers and coffee only give you brief increased alertness. It is even worse to use cocaine to make you feel better during a hangover.

It is also a wrong assumption that we can drink the same amount as others and we will have the same effect. In reality, your body may react differently to alcohol consumption. As an example, a 200-pound individual may have higher resistance to alcohol compared to a 100-pound individual. You shouldn’t also think that you know exactly how much that you should need to avoid going beyond the limit. Your food and the type of alcoholic beverage could affect the level of alcohol in your system, even if you use the same amount.